I was reading up on the best peanut butter for dogs. Were still on our first jar and have been using jif natural. What does everyone else use? Does anyone home make the peanut butter? Seems simple enough to grind up roasted peanuts.

Found this site as a guide: http://heavenlyhomemakers.com/how-to-make-peanut-butter

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Jif Natural is a good one, no trans fat.

Generally you want to avoid the ingredient: partially / hydrogenated oil (book I co-wrote)
no trans fats, but you might want to look at the Palm oil (put in instead of the hydrogenated fat so they can call in natural) one of the highest in saturated fats - not sure if saturated fats effect dogs the same as humans.... true natural peanut butter wll have the oil floating on the top
Hi Becky, yes I know there's palm oil and I co-wrote the book with an RD like yourself. If you read the link above - Palm oil is listed in the bad oil column. Any oil / fat should be used sparingly in the first place, balance is the key.

The reason why Jif Natural ($2.70 / 18oz) is one of the better commercial peanut butter because It contains less than 2% of palm oil, salt and molasses combined, as you already know, the use of palm oil is to prevent oil separation, which makes the peanut butter easier to spread. If you compare Jif natural with high end organic ones, even Whole Food's's 365 Organic ($4.50 / 16oz) Maranatha Organic ($5.49 / 16oz) and many others PB, they also have palm oil added as well. Click on each link and compare their nutrition label, all 3 are pretty much the same.

The truth is, most non health nuts are not ready do the heat and stir routine with real peanut butter :) I agree with you that real peanut butter should have oil on top. Real peanut butter also comes in smaller packages, shorter shelf life, refrigeration requirement (thus the heat and stir). Lets face it, most folks aren't ready to spend twice the money on really good, fresh ground unsalted peanut butter and stuff it in a kong. That's why Jif Natural is still a good balance between ingredients, nutritional value and price.

On a side note, during my cardiac rehab days as a PA, I had a few Atkins patients who used Dr Mary G. Enig's papers to justify their high sat diet, one of them even cited this and this to justify her use of palm oil. I just send them to my RD :)
I agree Sam, it is more work than most want, or are probably willing to do, and the small amount that we give to our doggies probably won't matter much. And the Jif is better than all that hydrogenated fat. The interesting thing about the "studies" on palm oil is they were funded by the tropical oil board! go figure. South Beach proponents (and products) tend to favor these oils also. But like you said, less added sugars, easier to use and not that nasty added "crisco" type fats. thanks for your input (I work with in Cardiac rehab now btw.)
I've just been using the Jif reduced fat peanut butter.
I just use the Kraft regular or reduced fat kind. Favourite treat in our house. She starts licking her chops at the sight of the jar, lol!
When the jar opens, Oliver will wake from a sound sleep and being drooling.
I get fresh ground Peanut Butter at our local Fred Meyer store in the Natural Food section. It is dry roasted unsalted peanuts that they have in a big machine that grinds it fresh - there is a very small amount of natural oil that will come to the top of the container after it sits for a long time. It is delicious and we all love it - it is the only way to fly!
We give our dogs Skippy because that's what we can buy at Costco. Have you checked out www.threedog.com? They use all natural ingredients to make all kinds of dog and cat goodies and they make their own peanut butter.
Winco also has a peanut grinder in the bulk foods section. Although I eat jif. It's my favorite. But I don't give kota any. I also buy my peanut butter at costco. They changed from jif to skippy. Then carried both for a while. Not sure which they have now I have not needed any for quite a while.
I use Jif and so that's what my doggies get. I know it's not the best but I use it for their treats and kongs.


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