Pembroke Welsh Corgi judging at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show in NYC

Some of the very finest Corgis in the USA and beyond:

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I have always enjoyed watching the Westminster Dog Shows.  Lovely dogs, expert handlers.....nothing like it.  Thank you for posting this, I will be looking at it again later today. 

I may have to watch this. I no longer watch the big dog shows on tv because some of the breeds make me cry, but it would be nice to see the Corgi judging!
I was talking to my breeder, Barb, yesterday and she told me that the Corgi breed judge at Westminster was Anne Bowes. "From Heronsway?" I asked (looking much more knowledgeable than I really am because of what I've learned here). "Why, yes!" she said, delighted I knew of such things. ;)

She and her other breeder friends were watching it, and felt it was some of the finest Corgi judging they've ever seen. She explained what Anne was looking for when she felt the dogs' shoulders, ribs, etc., and why what she did was the way it should really be done. She also explained what Anne was looking at and for when the dogs pranced in a circle. I'm not about to jump in to showing or anything, but it was really fascinating to hear about. Can't wait to watch the whole thing!

Anne was a really great judge. She was extremely thorough and methodical in how she worked, and most of the breeder-handlers who post to FB groups on corgis were extolling her qualities as a judge. :-)

Im not sure if the handlers are really tiny or their corgis are large... My Luffy looks so much smaller then them.

Nathan,  there is an ideal size range for Corgis, it's in the Corgi breed standard against which the dogs are judged. The purpose of dog conformation shows is to refine the breed and keep it stable, so that it remains recognizable down through the generations. 

The corgis you saw in the Westminster video are all champions (that's how they get invited) so they fall within the breed standard.  Some corgis are born on the small side or some a little over sized -- outside the ideal -- but that doesn't mean much when their main job is to love us and be loved back.

Usually, show corgs are on the bigger side - they're more "impressive", cover more ground, and so since the bigger ones keep winning, breeders are heading in that direction. In the last few years, Cardigans have become behemoths in the ring, with Pems following a similar mindset. Bigger, lower, huskier.

I know what you mean about our dogs being smaller, though, since Ace is a wee 24 lb., he would look like a puppy compared to these show types!

It's true that the bigger corgis seem to be preferred, I've had that discussion with Gromit's breeder who is past president of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.  But the breed standard is what it is, the max weight for a male PWC is 30lbs and 28lbs for bitches and going over that would effectively disqualify a dog:  "Obvious oversized specimens and diminutive toylike individuals must be very severely penalized."  

I don't follow Cardigans so I don't know how things are with them but certainly the "bigger is better" philosophy runs throughout our society.  I've spend some time looking a pictures of corgis from long ago and it seems our modern version has less leg than the old ones so the breed does evolve but slowly.

I agree the Cardis have been getting bigger, but not sure about the Pems.  My Madison is a retired show dog, and she's 28 pounds-- high end of the standard for a bitch.  Jack is oversized at 33.

Anyway, I personally met the BOB winner from the Pem Nationals a couple years back, and she was noticeably smaller than either of mine.  I don't know her weight, but I'd guess about 25 pounds, tops.  

I just watched sections of the video.  The first two red and whites were quite large, but there were two or three after that that looked about average size, and a tri at about 9 minutes in who was downright petite (and I think won something or other; I saw it in the photo ops at the end).

There was a red brindle bitch (I think, anyway) in the final Cardi round-up who was so out of coat and/or small that she looked positively minuscule compared to the ENORMOUS dogs in the ring with her. I couldn't help but giggle at the ridiculous difference in size!

I love when she is looking at the 1st cardi (black and white) and it goes to kiss her and she kisses it back!  So adorable!


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