I have been wondering about Angie's behavior lately. Being my first dog I chose a corgi. I wanted to do everything with her although it seems lately she doesn't want anything to do with me. I found out corgis are not a one person dog but a family dog. I love her to death but I also found out that corgis get into "family" mode at around a year old which is when her personality changed. I have tried spoiling her more, playing with her more, and taking her on lots of walks which she loves. But it seems she would rather go be with someone else. I tried having her in a crate at night to teach her to stay in my room but then she cries and my dad makes me let her out. She has a bed in here and I let her sleep in my bed but she prefers dads bed over mine. But a corgi does not require a "master" as people call it. but that is what I wanted as this is my first dog. Anyone know what I can do to switch her personality or was this just not the breed for me?

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Have you taken any classes with her? I've found one-on-one training time away from everyone else really seems to help with bonding. Do you do all the feeding, walking, training, etc at home? Honestly there isn't really anything you can do to make a dog like you more than another person. I don't think this is really a breed thing either really.

Most dogs that make good social pets are going to bond with the whole family.  They may develop favorites, but aren't likely to be "one-person" dogs.   It's true of most dogs, not just Corgis.  

Some of the protection breeds and maybe a couple of the gun-dog breeds are more inclined to have just one person they attach themselves to.  But usually if you have a family and you have a dog, that dog is going to have different "favorites" for different activities (might like to sit by the person who sneaks food at meal times, have a favorite play-buddy based on play styles, a person to cuddle with, etc).

Cats are more inclined to have a clear favorite person, but even then it might not be the person who most favors the cat.

Its not a personality switch as much as a pack order. Your dog is smart and knows that your dad takes care of the family and thus is the alpha. The advice you have been given of doing more of the work yourself is spot on. Be the one to feed your dog every day, walk him, and I really agree with the classes and even agility. Teach your dog that he learns new things from you and is fed and taken out by you. 

Be grateful you have such a friendly dog! I remember feeling the same way with my pets. My cats liked my sister more my dog liked my dad more. I just became satisfied with being second in the pack order with my dog. He would listen to me next other than my dad.

If Sidney = dinner + walk + games + training + exercise + play, Angie will do the math.

1 y.o. is a teenager, right?  Some behavior changes would not be surprising.  They may not last.

I would do a lot of training with her.  Make a list, a plan, keep a logbook or calendar, be regular and disciplined, work your plan but keep it fun for both.

Tomahawk and Fences are pretty much all mine from 8am to 6pm, but when my boyfriend comes home, it's a mad dash to the door all the way back into the room where they can kiss up on him. It's the same thing when our nieces and nephew come over. They, like most dogs, are happy to see the people they know. 

But when I leave my bf in charge of them, he does tell me they whine and wait by the door for me. So even though they may act like they like everyone else but me, they still know that I am the one that cares to their daily needs.

Just like everyone else says, feed her, walk her, and do some sort of activity with her, be it regular obedience training or agility.

I have noticed though, ever since we have gotten Fences, Tomahawk has moved from wanting to hang with my boyfriend and I to wanting to be with Fences ALL the time. It's now become Tom and Fences together forever, and people sometimes lol.

I absolutely agree that training or agility classes will strengthen the bond between you. I found agility to be especially good for this. Your dog learns to pay very close attention to you. If she likes it, then you have the bonus of doing something really fun with her. She may then see you as the "fun one." This did wonders for my rather independent corgi.

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I am the one who does most with her but today when I took her for a walk she was so much happier (because I have not been able to take her on walks lately because of rain) and she has been doing things with me all day

Spoiling her probably made it worse, if she sees your dad as the alpha. Work on NILIF to be sure you are acting like a boss, too. You could explain your feelings to your dad and ask him not to let her sleep in his bed. She still may not sleep in yours, but at least it would not get to be a habit in his. Snickers is not a cuddler, but she will occasionally cuddle with my son's fiance. Why? Because she sits still on the floor, and I don't- I want to hug and Snickers hates that. Its great to hear Angie had fun on her walk, keep it up.

As other (far more experienced) people have said, I'd think that training/classes would make a big difference...  I thought for sure that Chewey would bond more with my other half since he's around more (and he's able to take Chewey to work with him), whereas I'm stuck in a (dogless!) office all day ;-/p>

But... we've done a number of classes and I've always been the primary handler (and the one who has worked with him at home).    Not to mention one of the first things that the trainer had us do when we adopted him was to keep him on a leash attached to me whenever I was home (he wasn't fully house-trained), so he had to follow me around for weeks ;->     It seems to have stuck, because I'm usually the one he still looks to and/or follows around from room to room...

the reason i wanted a my dog to actually be "mine" was because my mom,dad, and brother wanted to get a dog themselves. 

My brother wanted a beagle, I had wanted a GSD,my dad wants a collie or sheltie and my mom wanted a golden retriever. lot of dogs on my end. but we were all going to have our own dog.


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