Just wondering if anyone else's corgis paws have the distinct smell of popcorn!!!!!! or is it just a Minnesota thing???? Have a great weekend!

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Popcorn breath maybe but not feet. Must be a Minnesota thing! Ha Ha!
Jack's feet have a distinct smell. Not sure it's popcorn, but similar enough to make the comparison I guess.

And then there is the "doggy ear" smell. LOL. What IS that smell???
Some say Corgi paws smells like Fritos :)
Is this why I am hungry all the time? Subliminal Frito/Popcorn messages? (Not that I actually go around smelling Algy's feet. His poor, big, clubby toes!)
Fritos! That's it! LOL Jacks feet smell of Fritos.
Yogi and Abby's paws smell like doritos...sometimes they jump on the bed while we're sleeping, and sleep in between us....it's like sleeping with a bag of chips. LOL we haven't tried to eat their paws yet in our sleep...one of these days...because Abby is very intrusive...she likes to stick her paws in our faces while we sleep.
Hahaha this made me get up and go smell Faye's little paws.... They smell like the rest of her (like a puppy) but now she's looking at me like I'm crazy. Maybe popcorn/Frito feet are something corgis grow into. :-/
OK so, so far it's popcorn, fritos and doritos! I know....... it's popidorfritos!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL!! popidofritos, that was great!! LOL
LOL, check out this older discussion thread...it was hilarious! All of us sniffing our puppies' feet!

YES! Both of our corgis have "frito" paws...must be a corgi thing! Good to know Kiwi and Orzo aren't the only ones
Ha Ha! I read the old posts too. Very funny! My corgis feet smell like Fritos and the dobes do not. The cat's smell like kitty litter and all the animals think I am crazy! I am a little glad my husband wasn't home for this, he already thinks I am a little off!


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