So we've been accident free for a week, and he's learned how to communicate that he needs to go, but I think he might be abusing it. He knows that he gets 5 to 10 minutes of play time after he goes, and a treat, but he could care less about the treat. About every hour he tells me he needs to go, and 8 times out of 10 he can pee, but it's just a tiny bit. He also has picked up that if he doesn't pee he goes back in the pen. I think he might be holding it in to get more play time. Even on walks he goes 4 or 5 times throughout the walk. I realize that puppies have small bladders, but is it possible for them to be holding it back?

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Corgi's are to smart for their own good.  I am sure he loves the play time.   It may seem over kill but that is better than the other problem of not telling you.  Our boys are 6 and 7 and still ask to go out, sit on the deck for 2 minutes then come in for a treat.  I usually tell them no cookie and point to the grass.  They will run out pee and rush back in for the treat.

I can't really answer your question. I know corgis are devilishly smart so it could be a possibility.

HA HA....I've found definitive proof that he's holding it in. I introduced cheese filled hotdogs to Nugget after he peed on the lawn and he loved the treats so much that he rang the bell to go out 5 minutes later and was squeezing for all he was worth. Needless to say I did not treat him for his tiny attempt. I will have to give hotdogs on large pees and regular treats on small ones. Crosses fingers!

LOL!  That is so funny!  Sorry, I didn't read all the replies before I responded below.  Oops!

Hehehe!  I think you are probably right on!  Are you giving him time to play and relax outside of the pen? 

If you have a high energy overly smart corgi (my Leia), your answer is probably no since he would do nothing but get into trouble and relax is a word forgotten in your house since puppy came along.  In that case, take him out of the pen before he asks and play with him for a bit, then take him outside before you put him away.  This a great time for training and introducing to new rooms and rules of the house. The "new" will keep his mind occupied.

If you have a corgi that is fairly laid back and will play for a bit and then rest for a bit on his own (my Luke) then you can probably trust him to spend some time each day outside of the pen with and without your attention.

Also, keep in mind that the boys tend to go more to mark territory.  Be sure to rule out any potty issues, boredom, attention seeking behavior, desire to play, and just being plain bossy.  Remember - you are smarter than the dog!

I remember saying the same thing about my two year old son at Wal-mart.  He had to go 2 or 3 times every trip.  He would play with the foam soap after finishing.  We even had him checked for diabetes.  But alas, he was just trying to get out of the cart, because bubble soap is way more fun than shopping.


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