So as you all may know Sammie had a torn ACL in her left leg as we haven't been able to afford her surgery. Well today she tore her ACL in her right leg... We feel like giving up. She surgery they suggest is a fish line surgery. Doesn't always last but since she is at 30 lbs they don't want to do a TPLO. We just could use any prayers... We couldn't afford one surgery... And now two. We are going to try to do a yard sale to raise money for her two surgeries. I just have to try to keep it together during all this but Sammie can't walk at all. I have to help her go to the bathroom and carry her everywhere. We just need a miracle.

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Thanks for letting us know!  :)  Hopefully it will be a success and you will get what you need!

That's great news!     Definitely keep us posted when it's available...

That's awesome!  I hope it works out well for you and Sammie.

can you please remind us and include a link when the page is open?

I will remind everyone because I don't know how soon it will be up! I will also provide a link. :)

Awesome!!  I was wondering how you were doing!

Hey everyone Sammie's page is up on corgipals! The link is

Anything helps! Thank you for all the kind words!
Everyone Sammie's surgery is the 11th of this month on her right leg to start. Please spread the word about her donation page or even better donate! Anything helps we have such a long way to go towards our goal!

Her donation page is.

We will be happy to add you and Sammie to our prayers.  I don't know anything about the area where you live but I know that Vet in the city can be so much more expensive than the ones in the country.  Also, our (country) offered to let us pay off Bears surgury in payments.  Good luck and may the Lord help you!

Hey everyone! Two more days till Sammie's first surgery. Please donate or spread the word so we are able to pay. Thank to you who have donated and prayed we are at a total of $575! Thanks! Her link is.

Hello everyone i wanted to give an update! sammies surgery went well and is healing very well.  On the bad side her other leg which also had a ACL tear now has a meniscus tear.  So sammie will need surgery sooner then planned on that other leg. she has raised $900 on corgipals and is needing $2,300 for us to afford the surgeries. we are working hard to spread the word!!!! please spread  word and to everyone who has donated   thank you so much you have helped so much! lets keep it rolling! Her link will be below if you want to donate or spread the word or even just read  her story an updates!!!!!


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