Problems with Brewster eating and house training since he has returned home.

If you all remember Brewster was missing for a couple days earlier in the month. We are Having several issues since he came home and sometimes I feel he hates me now!

To start off, he is fourteen months old and has always been the best dog ever and loves my 4 children and has been in indoor pet and house trained. He could run out with the kids and they were his favorite interest! Brewster is not neutered, I want to and need to get it done, but at this time it is not possible.

1)Issues, since his return- he no longer likes his dog food and skips meals till he is starving. I feed taste of the wild (or call... I can not remember). This has caused bowl issues. The vet says his health checks out.

2.) he will no longer stay in the fence- we have a large new privacy fenced yard. It is strange though, the pickets are staggered (one picket on the inside one on the outside) he can fit through the opening. As soon as you let him out even with the us outside, he runs to escape.

3.) he is no longer interested in us but lays at the front or back door and wants out, or goes and sleeps somewhere else. He doesn't even want to sleep with anyone anymore.

4.) since I can no longer just let him out for a run in the back yard. And if we stand out there, hand walk him, or ground tie him he will not go potty. He now decides he wants to go right in front of us on the tile floor!

I feel like he no longer loves us and would rather run. We have never abused him or punished. We play with him and take him for walks constantly. He is obiedenced trained and was boundary trained. But since his escapade, he is a completely different dog. Please help? I miss my buddy! :'(

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I think one of the main things that will fix this issue is getting him neutered. If money is an issue contact your local humane society or shelter. They are always offering free/discounted neutering. He may have escaped in the first place to pursue a female in heat. There may be females in your area that are in heat (they can smell it up to something like a mile away, not sure exact distance) and he is now trying to escape to find them. The desire to breed will trump all things, including eating, sleeping, and family time. Everyone says (including me) a healthy animal will not starve itself, but I have seen wild mustang stallions on the brink of starvation trying to fight off other stallions and breed all their mares. I have also seen male intact dogs nearly starve themselves and get prostate infections, etc due to a female in the house being in heat. They will do ANYTHING to get to a female in heat including tear down fences, burrow under or jump over fences, aggressive behavior, and risk injury to themselves. I'm guessing if you get him neutered all of these issues will resolve themselves after his hormones have left his system. 

Don't give up on him I agree with Melissa, get him neutered as soon as possible. My male was never like this, and didn't cut him until 2.5yrs, different dogs I suppose different personalities. Good luck, he is still Brewster just got other things on his mind, kind of like raging hormone teenager who doesn't want to talk to his parents(?).

Please give him more time. I can't think of what might have happened to him

Thank you. That's what I was wondering. The vet offers two packages. One is just Anastasia and same day surgery for under $100. The other is blood tests, iv's, pain pills, overnight stay etc for over $200.

I just moved aross the country, new job, new house, new car...etc. (I am on a tight budget). For his health and safety I was planning to do the full package. Is all that extra stuff nessary? I could get him neutered next week if it is safe enough for just the basic package and maybe some pain pills after.

What do you all think?? Thank you!

I think you probably shouldn't skip the blood tests especially since he was gone for a bit and you really don't know what he may have gotten himself into. The blood tests will reveal any liver or kidney damage as well as possible dehydration, etc. I'd still look into a local humane society or shelter and see what kind of spay neuter programs they offer. In my area they sometimes have free neuters/spays or neuters for around $50. Also, may be worth applying for Care Credit (just go to and have a vet who accepts care credit do the procedure. That way you will have 3-6 months no interest to pay off the procedure. I believe you can even check on Care Credit's website for vets that accept Care Credit.

I am sure the lesser one with pain pills will be adequate.  The more expensive one is usually advised for older dogs.  Spay and neuter clinics are just in and out the same day, just a basic neuter.  He is young and I am sure will do just fine.  I agree with the others, once he is neutered I am sure he will return to the same dog that you knew.  Terrible what those raging hormones will do.  Good luck.....

I don't necessarily agree that a neuter will "change anything" My unneutered male is just as well behaved as all of my neutered males and they too will seek out a female in heat. I have always done the simple neuter with pain meds and all has been fine.

Since you don't know what happened to him it's hard to say if anything has to do with his being gone. He may have been fed table scraps but he will eat when he gets hungry, it may take a bit.

You may have to think about putting up a 3" rabitt/garden fence inside your fence if he is trying to get thaat he knows he can.

It may take some time for him to get back to normal...maybe his experience was not good and he has to learn to trust again...even if it has nothing to do with you.


Good luck and I hope you get you boy back soon!

My boy got out once. Luckily, someone picked him up right away and took him directly to the humane society. Our other dog alerted us that he was gone almost immediately. We were looking for him instantly and picked him up from the shelter within a couple of hours. After that he would not go in the backyard without a human for at least 2 weeks. The biggest change was that he was terrified of the vet (they gave him shots at the shelter). He used to love the vet (lots of cookies). He showed signs that he was very unhappy about the whole experience and I would say your pup's experience was much more traumatic. He got over the whole vet thing. We had a great visit for his rabies shot. It took time. After a traumatic experience things never go back to the way they were, but it does get better.

P.S. My boy is also unaltered. Its not always about the testosterone. And my guess about the fence would be to 'own' the fence by herding him away from it. But I'm a first time corgi owner and not an expert.

Hi Erika,

1. It will change with time, perhaps he ate something better while he was on the road, he could be holding out for something better. Nothing to worry about.

2. Make sure you walk him on leash 45-90 mins rain or shine, Brewster is a herding dog and he needs to be challenged physically and mentally daily. Backyard free roam / catch playtime doesn't count.

3. Give him time, he will come around.

4. It's a very clear sign that he needs to be walk daily, amp up his time and pace.

Testicles have nothing to do with the issues you mentioned above. However, if there's another dog in heat and live within close proximity to you, every time he tasted her urine will drive him crazy.

Thank you everyone.  We are taking long walks 2 times a day.  He is definitely worn out and going potty now.  I am going to bite the bullet and schedule his surgery for as soon as they can get him in.  Checked into some of the discount spay or neuter programs online, I am going to try to get a voucher (My vet was on the list).  Keep your paws crossed.  Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. 

Erika,   Had dogs for many years.  Go ahead and nueter him in a few weeks and give hime time for the other things.  He probly either female hunted, and or had some trauma while he was out. There still may be a female in heat he still smells.  Hard to tell! 

As to the fence we had that at the in Idaho.  We put up chicken wire and stapeled it to the inside very well.  As my dogs got threw it too.  We had to have it that way due to the wind up there.  So the chicken wire kept the dogs in. 

Just give him time.  You may need to retrain a bit on potty for a few days or week to remind him.  Don't give up.  Something is bothering him and since he can't talk it is a guessing game. 

 Also the blood work will give you a base line to see how things are.  I uselly never due it on my dogs, that is because they are fine when I usually do surguries.  He might of got into something to and it has him upset in his system.  The blood test will knock that guess work out too. 

Good luck and hang in there.  It has taken me 3+ months to get my corgi to interact with us outside the bedroom  She went from hardly any socialization to now being a dog that plays, barks and jumps comes into the kitchen on the other side of the house.  I gave her time and love and bribed her with treats broken up into  small sizes. 

This isn't really an answer to your question. And I don't mean to make light of your situation. I hope everything with your pup gets resolved. But this kind of reminded me of my favorite blog. Which makes me laugh til I cry. Hopefully you will enjoy it...

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