So I have woken up this morning to my little puppy is not feeling good- he wont eat treats or eat & is panting- he is not moving around- just still standing in the same spot- yesterday he was off his food???  How long should I wait before calling the vet???

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Hi Carry,


Open your dog's mouth and check for obstruction. Check his gums, it they appear pale, it could be a sign of internal bleeding. 


Get a rectal thermometer, if his temperature is above 102.5F, he may have an infection and you should go see a vet.

I would not wait. The combination of panting (could be in pain or sick), standing in the same spot and not eating would make me worried enough to take him in right away.
I would call the vet now, puppy's can go down really fast and if he is panting he may be running a fever.
call the vet now, especially since its been going on since yesterday. Puppies can go downhill fast. Panting can be an indication of pain and you don't want him to suffer. Better safe than sorry. Call now, take him in today
Didn't wait , at the vet now


glad you took him in, please keep us posted!


Sending Corgi hugs and kisses your way!  Keep us updated please.
Yes, please keep us updated. Hope all is well!
We just had to bury our beautiful Bubby Sand Dollar... Thanks for all your best Wishes!!!
I'm so sorry!
I am so sorry for your loss, what exactly happened?

We are so so sorry...Our hearts ache for you



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