Hi everyone :)

Our Java is 15 weeks now. He was putting on about 1 pound / week since we got him at 9 weeks and reached 13 lbs between 13-14 weeks. Our vet said he was "the picture of health" when we took him in for his final jab but its been over a week now and he's still at 13.2 lbs...

He's eating fine and is as lively as he always is so I probably shouldn't worry too much? Just wondering if it's normal for young puppies to stop growing for a week or so?

He's on Orijen Puppy kibbles, 150 g/day divided into 3 meals.



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I'm not sure exactly how much 150 grams is, but according to google it's around 2/3 cup...in that case I personally would up his food a little bit.

Thanks for the reply Jane :)

150 grams sounds like we're starving him doesn't it! But according to the feeding guidelines printed on the bag he should be eating 120-150 grams per day.

He does always seem hungry though - not sure if he actually needs more food or if he's just being a greedy little corgi. I can feel a few ribs when I run my hands along his sides but they don't stick out.

That is very normal.Corgis are considered large breed dogs and continue to grow till 18-24 months. Sage weighed 19#'s at a year. Also unless all-life-stages food Corgis need lower protein food(meaning large breed dog food) NOT the high protein foods like small breeds need.

Thanks Jane!

I've read that Corgis need lower protein too, yet some people say its not the protein that matters but the calcium which is why I initially ordered the large breed puppy food (lower protein and calcium). Then I spoke to the nutritionist at Origin who told me that a 13 week corgi (that's how old he was when I consulted them) should be on the normal puppy food and that rapid growth is caused by overfeeding and doesn't have much to do with protein or calcium.

Because there's so much contradicting information out there I've been quite unsure whether or not we're feeding him right.

There's several discussions on this sight about dog food. Maybe look there...I can find later when I get home.
I've scanned through some of it but will definitely need to have a more thourough look, thanks!

Several of the all life stages have added puppy food for the extra vitamins etc. that pups need.


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