Did you love your fubaby at first sight or did it take some time to get to know them and fall in love? Weston comes home in five days and unfortunately our first meeting will be the day he comes home. I am already madly in love with him, but my boyfriend is unattached and says he won't be until he meets him and gets to know our baby better. I would love to hear y'all stories and experiences with your new babies.

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Jane....he was huge!  Living with a bunch of boys he got fed tons of stuff he shouldn't have had.  Took me awhile to get that weight off him plus he is a big boned corgi, he runs 35 lbs at a good weight plus he is a fluffy which makes them look bigger anyways.  Katie is my delicate little girl and runs about 26 lbs, she looks so tiny next to him.

I remember being a bit concerned that Max wouldn't bond with me.  He was bonded with Tim his previous human and his boys.  When he went back to his breeder he bonded close with her husband quickly.  My husband was also worried (for my sake) Max would bond closer to him.  Within 24 hours that dog was my shadow.  He's close to my husband but it's me he shadows.  Mark says if I leave the house Max lays right in front of the door until I come home.  A few years ago I had to stay with my mother for a week after she fell and broke her arm before I could get her into assisted living. Mark said he paced, would search the house for me and lay by the door constantly.  When I came home he actually was so crazy that he knocked me over and wouldn't let me up...kisses and snuffles and little squeaks were my greeting.  Now Katie is affectionate but when I walk in the door she will barely raise her head.

I was in love with both of my boys as soon as we picked them up, although I'm not sure they loved me back quite so quickly, lol. Keep in mind it's a big adjustment for them, so if they seem a little aloof for a while don't take it personally. Henry definitely preferred my husband at first (I had a few cries about that!) and we honestly thought Luke was deaf for a while. That's how uninterested in us he was, lol. But of course they are our babies now. :)

I wanted to protect Noodles from the beginning, but as a puppy, he took work. I don't think he was a difficult puppy at all, but all puppies need to be trained. My husband continued living his normal schedule, so it was me that adjusted. I went home from work to let Noodles out potty through out the day, I got up in the middle of the night, I took him on walks, cleaned up any accidents, etc. It was a busy time, but I wouldn't trade that for anything. Noodles is my pride and joy (I tell him that and he gives me kisses) and he definitely bonded more with me than my husband. When we get home from work (Noods is 8 now), he will run past his daddy and right up to see his mommy. I also get Noods to howl, yet my husband can't get him to do that. Noods is my shadow and when I'm gone, it is like his life is put on hold. He waits for me by the door and doesn't really rest peacefully until I'm home. He loves to cuddle with me, but not with my husband (Yup, my husband isn't thrilled about that). All in all, Noodles would prefer to keep both his parents together at all times, but if one of us has to be gone, he is better off having daddy gone than mommy. I just says Noods is a mama's boy and I love it.

I still remember when he was just a young guy that his cousin Gus Gus (a black lab) barked at him. Noodles took off running to me and stuck his head inbetween my legs (yup, I was his protector). We all started laughing. Now that Gus Gus is 11 and Noodles is 8, they are like to peas in a pod. They love spending time with each other and they are so funny to watch taking walks together. Gus Gus waits for Noodles and his short legs to catch up and then they are off. I cheerish these memories with Gus Gus since he isn't in the greatest of health right now. I realize our time together is short, so I take Noodles to see him whenever I get the chance. The boys love each other.

 My husband will be he first to admit he likes the cats better. But he didn't grow up with critters. We ALWAYS had multiple cats and dogs and they're part of the family not stuck outside.

The girls love my husband and daughter (who's caretaker when we're at work) but it's me they adore I'm the mama. When I got home from the DMV not feeling well (horrible case of vertigo) today)

AWWWWWW! That would be Wynn and Sage at my house:)

Everyone looks so happy

We picked Foxy from a picture and I was in love the minute I saw her little face.  It was actually a surprise that I ended up getting her, (my boyfriend told me someone else bought her) so I was a little shocked the first day/night.  She was so little and I slept on the couch with her the first night and my boyfriend slept on the floor next to us.  I also remember the trying times of potty training when I'm sure my love for her was in question lol.  She's now almost 11 months old and I can't imagine loving a dog more than I love her.  I never knew I could feel this way.  I had dogs before that I loved but Foxy is certainly special.  But I would say my love has grown over time and I think it will continue to grow.  I'm sure Weston will win your heart and be very special to you.

I loved Weston at first sight through pictures and I will most defiantly share pitures and my stories when I finally meet him. Four days !!!!

Kat......awwww!  They love their mommy!

Kat I cannot wait for Corgi cuddles, they seem like the best :). Weston seems to have developed a rash on his cute Corgi puppy face no less, now I'm worried about my boy's health.

It was definately love at first sight! lol


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