How you doing im new and I just got a 2 months old Welsh Corgi and i have to say ive never been so happy.
Anyways i was asking what is the best to feed him. I have been giving him Purina Puppy Chow because the breeder was feeding him that so id figure i would. Well i heard that its not a very good dog food and i want to feed my lil Romeo the best. So if anybody can help me thatd be great. Thanks

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Canidae all life stages is great
I feed my all my dogs Premium Edge it comes in many different flavors.This along with many of the foods that people have emailed you about is in The WholeDog Journal...the Feb 2009 has a list .It tells you to ignore the pics and check the ingredients...animal protiens (real meat) should be the top ingredient I have also heard that sometimes things listed as meat meal" could be anything and my vet said they will grind up chicken feathers to make the protein higher in some of the bad foods! PLEASE don't feed your dog corn, it's like someone else said a filler andI believe I heard something about allergies with this too....not sure though. The better foods are more expensive but you will feed them a fair amount less.My corgis coats are beautiful on this food as I am sure they are with other good foods also!
Corn and wheat are #1 & 2 for food allergies-none of the better dog food companies use either one-also watch for poultry meal as well as meat meal-both no no's-look for idenitfied meat such as beef, chicken, venison, ect
We feed Dyllan Natural Balance its at Petco. To help you decide look up the company names and check out their ingredients. With Purina I think you are paying for the name not quality.....
Well i went out and bought Wellness for puppys... I mixed that and the Purina because he just doesnt eat the wellness.. I wont keep mixing it soon i will just give him wellness.
I think Wellness is a good choice. As I said, that's what we ended up choosing for Finn. We srated mixing it in with his Blue Buffalo puppy food yesterday and he gobbled it down. Once we use up the bag of puppy food he will be strictly on Wellness.
I give mine Blue Buffalo as well, she really took to it immediately and still loves it... she does occasionally pick out the
"life source bits" though :D
Everyone keeps telling me about how their dogs pick out the Life Source Bits and eat the rest. I don't get it. Finn has always eaten them and will even eat them if you give one to him by itself.


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