My fiance and I are thinking of adding another Corgi for a friend for our other one. Now he is a complete daddy's boy and likes to think he runs the place, I was curious how a male corgi might react to a new puppy in the house, mainly I'm worried he might become very aggressive to the puppy when it comes to me.

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I think it would be better if you got a female dog. Two males are ok if they are neutered, it not they will fight just like two females that are spayed. I had this problem with my two females, when the younger one was one longer a puppy she started fight with the other one. I had to rehome one of them, because of this.
We are in the same situation. We got another corgi to keep our guy Dyddy company. We ended up rescuing a girl corgi from a state corgi rescue. She is a little bossy but they are cordial with each other. We have only had our new girl Libby for one week so far.

How old is your little guy?

If you do get another dog, first introduce them on "common ground" so that way it is a neutral meeting area. Also, there is a wonderful woman on my friends list named "Sam". She has a post on her page about considering getting another corgi and steps/tips. (She is owned by 5 corgis, ha ha)
I got a some what submissive female and they get along great. The breeder will be happy to help you pick a puppy. It is a good idea to pick according to which pup will fit with yours instead of which you like the best. Mine older dog will tolerate almost any behavior from her but it is obvious he is in charge.
Hi Kevin, check the FAQ, your answer can be found there. Good luck!
We got a friend for Max. I had asked around and everyone I talked to thought a female would be better than a male because of the my house type of thing. We got molly and they have a great time togeather. No fights just playing. I'd do it again in a minute!
So far in my experience with two males is that it is not a problem. Leo was neutered at about 5 1/2 months. Randy and Leo do not seem to have special problems due to both being males. I hope the trend continues.
My hubby came home recently with a very hyper jack russell terrier who was a stray he picked up. She is really cute and more of a lap dog than my corgi. We decided to keep her. I thought we would have problems especially with my very very spoiled corgi Maggie. However to my amazement it has turned out wonderful. Both dogs are female and they act like they are sisters. Maggie shares her toys with Bailey and they romp through the backyard. They are even sleep on the couch all curled up together. I did visit a link at my vets website that talks about introducing a new dog into the group. I have followed all the suggestions and have had no problems. Here is the link.

There is a wonderful extensive library there about issues, health and behaviour concerns for all animal.

I also bought a coupler for my leash so I could use one leash and not get them tangled. They are forced to walk side by side. This helps because I think it makes them realize they are part of the pack. I even will tie the leash to the stroller for a pulling exercise with them so they have learned to work together.

I think the biggest thing is when I reward one dog I reward the other and when I show affection to one dog I show it to the other. This has helped with competition issues especially over me. Hope this helps.
I got a second puppy a year ago, when my Bertie was 3.5 years. He is a pretty secure, easy-going guy, though, so introducing the new puppy was fairly easy. My big fear was that he was so bonded to me, he might actually resent an interloper, but I made sure to pay loads of attention to him on his own. We met on a lawn at a friends, so neutral ground, I fed the puppy in crate (part of crate training and also to keep them separate) and each day spent time with each individually. I also took them individually to classes (intermediate obedience for B and puppy k/beginner obedience for E) to give us more bonding time and also to keep me as the Head of Household. The puppy is a female, not terribly dominant, but very sparky and not a little demanding -- so Bertie stayed in charge very easily, but has to put up with a lot of girlie nonsense all day. Now they get along super well.
I know you love the breed (as we all do), but consider branching out and picking some exotic mix from a shelter.

Also, make sure to keep spending 1 on 1 time with each dog. Meg and I make it a point to do things sometimes with just one of the dogs. I'll take Atlas to the dog park while she takes Scout for a run, or maybe she hangs out with Atlas in her room while I play with Scout in the other.


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