We had to let our Max go yesterday.  His left leg was useless and the right one was failing rapidly.  He hated both the sling and the cart.   The last several days he was losing control of his bladder, he had also lost 6 lbs in a month tho he was still eating the same.  The tumors in his neck had enlarged a bit after being shrunk by the prednisone but we have no idea what they were doing inside of him.

We realized Friday night that what we kept saying to each other was our denial of what things were.  It was not fair to him, his quality of life was not what it should have been.

I know he is waiting for me.  He is running and chasing his ball, he is herding the cats that have gone before him.

We love you Max, thank you for the years of love and joy you brought to our lives.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Max.  Frap free, little buddy.

I had to let my Jack go. I was in denial as well. He couldn't walk at the end. I am still a mess

Rita....I am so sorry!  It's never easy and it takes a long time before the pain begins to ease.  We always miss them but in time it's the real good things you remember and you smile at those memories.

It's a hard decision to make but he was so sick. My Rambo suddenly in March. 2015 was a long year for me. I know Jack is running with his brothers and sister waiting for us. I've been so down my Sadie is as well. We will get thru it though. Jack and Sadie were best buddies. The picture on my page is of Jack and Sadie sharing a moment earlier in 2015.

Rita....I know you!  We were "talking" on IG!  We are both getting corgi angels from Kelly at corgikeepsakes from the IG corgi community!

That's painful. Yet you've spared him a lot of suffering. <3

IG is that Instagram.

Rita...yes, instragram

Thanks Linda.

So sorry for your loss.  You sound like great doggie parents and I am sure he had a wonderful life.  Such a hard decision to make, I have not made it yet, but my golden is 12 1/2 and has health issues too.  You love them so much!  But there is always the time to let go, when his life is more about pain than the good things.  Sorry.

Our thoughts and prayers for you and your family...

Laura....thank you for asking!  I called the gastro's office this morning, he won't be back till Monday but the results are on his desk. Par for the course. I called our PCP, we had the results sent to her also. She wont be back till Monday either but I spoke to Michelle her nurse. Dr Engel told her that if we called that since Mark is feeling better and there is NO emergency she needs to give the other doctor the courtesy of giving us the results and telling us what or if any treatment will be needed. She told Michelle to tell us that if it was an emergency she would have called us herself because she knows how long it has been taking to get results from the other guy. Michelle also said they had the results the afternoon of the test which was Wednesday so the gastro had them then too.

Guess the good thing I learned is that there isn't anything very serious going on so that's some relief.


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