I want to start giving my dogs Raw Meaty bones but I want to make sure I
do it right: ) I bought each dog one a few weeks ago and they just
LOVED it! So I have a few questions ......

What kind should I feed?

My English Bully doesnt have any front teeth so its alittle hard for her..... are there ones that are softer then others?

How long can they be left out of the freezer/frig before going bad..... do they go bad?

Other then a Butcher where can I buy them? Is there a trust worth website I can buy from?

How often should I feed it to them ?

Anything else I should know?

thanks all!!

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Hi! If you go to all discussions and the "other" I started a discussion on this and it should cover many questions you may have. My discussion was dated Dec.19,2009.
Here is a list of resources: http://www.mycorgi.com/forum/topics/raw-feeding-resources.

Also, Joanna Kimballs's personal blog is a wonderful wealth of information on feeding raw food.
Looking through your resource list, I'm a bit confused about whether or not the dogs actually consume the bone the meat is attached too. Do they just eat the meat off the bone, or eat the bone too?
I go to our local butcher and get the soup bones...they are the long femur bones cut into segments, 3-4 inches long with marrow in the middle. They are available at the shop frozen. . I flash-boil them and re-freeze all but three, which I give to my three dogs once the bones cool. It does not take them long to clean off the marrow and meat. When the bones are "clean", I fill the space where the marrow was with jarred baby food, peanut butter or canned dog food and re-freeze.
What a great idea about refilling the bone!
My dog is on a total raw diet, we get bones from the grocery store, or pet health food store or the butcher. We usually use the bones within 3 days of thawing...my rule for ANY raw meat she gets is if I would feel comfortable eating something being left of that long. Mine personally gets one every second day--she doesn't really chew the bone and break off little pieces she usually pulls the meat off, eats the marrow out, ect. the bones themselves are usually left pretty much intact.
Yes, that's just what ours do! Even our big lab/dane only cleans the bones off and digs out the marrow. I've never seen a partially eaten or broken bone at our place.
Alynne, I've heard about feeding raw but never tried it. What does your dog eat, generally? Have you ever NOT fed raw and seen any notable differences now that you do? Just curious. :)
I grind deer, pork and beef together, then she gets salmon or sardines or the orange on the egg or any fish my boyfriend has caught(i rotate), with whatever vegtables i have left over. I grate yams, cucumbers, squash, apples, bananas, asparagus, cabbage, spinich ect. and blend them with plain yogurt, cold water fish oil & powder vitamins. Sometimes she gets ground chicken, or turkey hearts ect. And she gets raw chicken necks three times a day as a treat. most people buy the premade meat patties but i started because we have so much game meat (my boyfriend is a hunter) and my dog also had some skin problems. I notice a huuuge difference, she is so much more soft, smaller poops, and doesn't smell like dog. There is a bunch of pro's and con's to feeding raw, i personally think the pro's out weight the cons but if definitly is alot of work.


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