My husband and I found Lee English online, and while he was deployed I begged and begged him for a pup, and he emailed me saying "Look at our new dog!"

I'm thrilled with him and want to visit him soon, he's almost five weeks old. I'm a little disappointed in communication about him though, I asked if he has any personality whatsoever and she gave me a short reply, "It's too soon to tell. -Lee"

Ive looked all over the internet for more information on her, and on Beauregard's parents (Little Man and Emmy Lou) and want to know if anyone else was... tentative in asking Lee questions, and their overall impression of her.

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Don't worry..... Lee is a great lady!  It's true that her answers will be brief, but don't let that put you off!   She absolutely knows her stuff!!  We love her!!!  

ps..... Little Man is our Soffie's daddy.  Lee shares him with Celeste Militzer, of Celestial Star Kennels ~~>   Celeste is also a great lady and does great work for all  our beloved corgis!  She and Lee are great friends too.

That's how I originally found Lee, I saw in Celeste's pedigrees/adopting new dogs that they included a lot of the name Lecanto and did some research. Thanks so much for replying, really put my mind at ease!

I know nothing of the breeder, but at five weeks they won't have evaluated their temperaments yet, most likely.  When we visited our litter at 6 weeks, the breeder would not give any indications yet of who might be staying and who might be going, and had not done any personality testing yet, so we met the litter but had no idea which pup might be ours til we drove down to get him at 10 weeks. 

Just looked up Lee, and personally I would be concerned that she says on her website that the pups are outside from 3 weeks old on.


That means they won't be familiar with the normal household activities.  Some pups raised outside can be afraid of telephones, dishwashers, door bells, the sound of people walking upstairs, etc etc. 


Unless I was getting a hound that was to live outside, personally I would only get a puppy that was raised in the house and exposed to normal household activities right through all the critical socialization periods. 

I was a little put off on that at first, but his litter has been inside because of the cold, so I lucked out on this one I guess haha.

Our Griffyn is a Lee English, Lecanto puppy.  And he's been a happy well adjusted little corgi since day one. (you can watch the video of him at our 1st meeting at Lee's place on my page here on mycorgi)   Friends of ours also got their little corgi boy Koda from Lee and he's been the best dog ever!  She actually picked him for their family after talking to our friend and her husband and hearing about their family. And he is a beautiful, happy, family boy.   I know from my experience with her and through conversations I have had with her, all her litters are exposed to her grand children and they are brought into the house at various time.  Her website is a bit outdated, that is for sure!  But I stand behind her 100%  And I'm pretty sure many other Lecanto puppy owners will too.  

Hope that puts your mind at ease : )

Haven't heard anything about Lee; I just wanted to say, you should NEVER be tentative to ask your breeder questions!!  Please ask them, ask them a lot.  If they don't want to answer your questions, you should not be getting a puppy from them!  Don't be scared to ask, I know a lot of breeders and some of them are a little off-putting sometimes, but they really do want you to ask questions.

I love it if they ask questions...I recently had someone ask me "why they should get a pup from me?" They did and they love him. I ask many questions of the potential new owners and it makes me feel better if they ask more questions than not as they are serious about a corgi:)

We brought home our puppy Charlotte last month and she is from Lee English.  Her parents are Cher and Tucker.  What I like about Lee is that she's very open about everything.  We went to visit Charlotte twice before we picked her up and I could see that her dogs are all happy healthy dogs and so I felt good about getting a dog from her.  Charlotte is just over 3 months old now and I can tell you, she has the sweetest temperament and is incredibly intelligent and soo easily potty trained.  She's also very healthy and everyone remarks about what an adorable puppy she is.  Even the vet said to us "all puppies are cute, but she takes the cake!"  Charlotte is a beautiful dog all around and it's because Lee is a good breeder.  Her answers are very brief which is fine with us b/c Charlotte is our 2nd corgi (we got our first from Celeste).  I can see if you are a first time dog owner, you may want a breeder that is more elaborate in their responses.  But Lee told me one time if I had any questions, to giver her a call - that she's more able to discuss over the phone vs. an email.  Are you able to take a trip to visit Lee and the pups?  She's very willing to have you come visit I'm sure.  And, you may be happy to know there are quite a few mycorgi members on here with pups from a Little Man litter - Odin, Cinnamon, Goliath, and Cooper are all from the same litter of Little Man's.  Good luck and we can't wait to hear more about your new puppy!

Oh I'm not a first time dog owner by any means, I've been around dogs (and cats and birds and horses!) all my life, just a first time corgi owner hahah. I'm really trying to go and visit him this weekend, I'm glad to hear your pup is so wonderful.

Oh we were first time dog owners with our first corgi Stanley and so I had a lot of questions then.  But this website helped answer any corgi related question I could think of!  They are a wonderful breed!  If you ever want to make the trek to Central FL, come to one of our monthly corgi playdates!  They are great fun and we'd love to meet Beauregard!


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