Took our 4 month old Corgi on a 500 mile (one way) road trip.  He did SO WELL...not a peep, no stressing, panting, jumping, whining.  Such a good boy.  Thank you for being my perfect little guy, Cody!  You will get to go on many more adventures with us.

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You will find that Corgis are great travelers!  Our neighbor who got a pup from us early this year was so impressed and amazed on what a good little traveler she was!  She went from Montana to the state of Washington and back.  Our dogs LOVE to GO!!!  Even if it's the 1-1/2 hr trip to town and back....they love to go.

Yes, Kathy, they are good travelers!  Good to hear that most Corgis do well in the car.  Sure made our trip pleasant.  Anyone else have travel stories?

No really big trips here (4 hours at the most so far) but Scout is a really good traveler. 

She does have 1 funny travel quirk:  She wants to be shotgun and isn't truly content with the back seat.  I was single when I got her, so she always rode right next to me and was calm and quiet with an occasional nudge to say "pet me"  Forward a few months and I have a fiance who now has the front seat (either he or I drive depending on where we're going).
Scout sits in the back with minimal complaining, but when Jeremy and I are talking, she will often feel the need to make a little noise and join the conversation.  Luckily, we both think it is adorable when she talks with us, so she can continue to join in on as many road trips as she wants!

Open the car door and mine are ready to go...doesn't matter if it's 5 minutes or 5 hours. They love to travel.

We did our drive in 2 days 6 hours 1st day & 8 hours the second day with our little guy stayed 6 days and came home...

it was OK but I think it will be easier for him in a years time:)))

Jake does great on car trips - anything from across town to 8 hour trips.  Sometimes he gets a little antsy and wants to sit on somebody's lap, but for the most part he just snoozes on his bed in the back seat.


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