Hi everyone. Gracie is 6 years old and about a month ago I noticed she had rust colored stains on each side of her lower jaw. I tried washing with soap and water but it didn't come off. I took her to the vet who suggested it might be her dishes (ceramic) leeching nasty stuff into her water. She gave me some Mal-A-Ket anti-fungal pads to wipe her mouth after she eats and I switched to stainless steel bowls. Two weeks later it doesn't look any better.

Has anyone else run into this problem with their Corgi? I also noticed darker color staining on her private bits. Any advice would be appreciated. Maybe switch to bottled water?


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Does her food have artificial colors? I would not use anti-fungal but you could try peroxide on a rag or paper towel. It won't hurt her if she gets any in her mouth.

She's been eating Natural balance chicken and sweet potato for a couple of years. But I did try some NB lamb treats that are very dark in color. Could that be it?
Thanks Natalie. Vet also suggested a teeth cleaning. It's not crusty or oozing. Just brown stain. I'll get her teeth cleaned. Probably time.

Your Welcome,  I would suggest trying to clean the stain with peroxide as well like Jane suggested, and then when you feed her treats, watch to see if it comes back after shes eating her treats. or maybe it will take a few times of eating her treats before taking her for a teeth cleaning. 

Sounds like a good plan Natalie:)

Thanks Jane :)

I think I'll give her different treats for a while. See if that helps, because the timing of when I started buying those particular ones seems to coincide with the beginning of the stains.

Do you have a picture? Dog's saliva can turn their fur pinkish/rust colored...is it possible she's just drooling more than usual?

Sounds like bacteria
Hi Jane, I took a photo..just can't get it from iPhone to this app. Will try tomorrow.


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