Freya has started to sprout some black between her shoulder blades. She never had them before--though as a pup she was fairly dark shaded. Her dad was a bht so maybe that's where it's coming from?

I'm not sure if age is a factor as she's 9 months old right now so I suppose it is more of an adult coat coming in?

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Potus has a few too, under his top coat between the shoulders he has some black hair but its only ever visible after he's had a bath and his fur is kind of parted because its wet. He also has some black on his tail but he is still considered red/fawn and white because there is so little of it. His mum was tri, his dad was red and white.
Potus has had his dark hairs since he was a pup though, and he seems to has less black then when he was a pup.
I'm not sure why Freya's have only started appearing now but the colouring would probably be due to her dad.

I like the small patch of black fur though- very cute!
Jack has a fair sprinkling of black hairs.

I do know (depending on who you ask) a red and white is allowed a certain amount of sabling and can still be considered red and white. I honestly don't know what the definitive line is where they are actually considered "sable". Red is the dominant color, and I read somewhere about a "weak" red that allows some of the recessive black coloring to leak through, but the breeders would probably know a lot more.
That sounds about right. There's an article on coat color genetics on the PWCCA website. Apparently, "sable" may be an incompletely dominant variant of the red allele; it allows a little of the black to express if a dog has the tri allele. I'll bet there are many mysterious things influencing the expression of these genes in a broad spectrum.
Maybe it's even a "birthmark" -- a somatic mutation just in that one patch of skin.
aah how cute.
It might be a puberty???
Oh and it appears that there is more coming through on the back of her neck....which attempts at documenting it did not come across well in my pictures.

It's strange. I suppose it must be her adult fur coming in? By year one, they should be done with the changes, right?
My red/white had the same thing happen at roughly the same age. Its not much, just some on the back of her shoulders and tail. Her dad was a tri and her mom was a red/white so I'd say thats where she gets it from.
What a cute spot!!! Ella's dad is a tri and her mom a red/white, and she has a small black/grey spot under her red above the eyes. As she get older it looks lighter now, but this may be do to the fact that I use "white" dog shampoo (due to her white belly always looking dirty).
Ella just turned a year old a few months ago and her fur color hasn't changed any. I would think that by a year they pretty much look they color they will stay.
I would love to hear what the breeders say.
Philip has that too, on his shoulders and down his back a bit, and his also appeared around age 1. He did have some black as a puppy, but it went away for the most part, and then came back. I wouldn't call it Sable though because Sable is normally red on the inside, with black tips on the outside, but in Philip's case it's the opposite - the black is on the inner part of the hair, with red outside.
Hers are black tipped...but I think its white on the inner layer of hair. Not sure what that means.
I am noticing more and more black hair on Tucker- I got him at 9 months and now he is 15 months. He had virtually none and now he has an area of black tipped hair around his shoulders. I guess it is fairly common!
I found this on Wikipedia.
"Sable: Black-tipped hairs; the background colour can be gold to yellow, silver, gray, or tan. The darkness of the coat depends on how much of each hair is black versus the lighter colour."

So I would guess that your lady is sable. I think her black spot is too cute.

For the rest of the section on Wiki:
There is a great pictures/description of dog coat colors and types.


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