We have a six month old pup and she is a toy destroyer! He likes Nylabones and pretty much any kind of soft toy but she's such a gnawer that I end up throwing everything out within hours or days at the most.

Does anybody have any safe choices? I don't want any blockage issues and if she does ingest any small pieces off I wouldn't want anything toxic for her.

Just trying to take care of our lil baby but do they want her bored all the time if she does that have anything to play with.

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I also have a corgi that destroys all toys, like most other corgis.  I bought ringo a wobble ball in june.  He is still playing with it.  It is just big enough that he can pick it up by the holes in it but he can also kick it around and it sounds just like those giggle sticks we played with as kids.  Best 15.00 I ever spent

I'll have to take a look at them. Daisy doesn't so much as play with stuff, she just wants to sit and chew, chew, chew.

Ah, those puppy days.  :)  My Ellie is a destroyer of toys, as well, and will chew through even the black Kong toys.  Each dog is different, but what I have found to work best for her is a combination of both Nylabone toys and antlers, with a few Kong-style chews thrown in for variety.  The rubber toys, I've found, last quite a bit longer when she has the other two types to choose from as well.  The antlers she seems to prefer are either elk or moose.

Is your pup done teething?  If not, you could try placing a clean, damp wash cloth (something old that you don't mind being chewed) into the freezer for awhile and then giving that to her.  The cold cloth will feel good on her gums.  :)  Always supervise, of course.

The smallest orange and blue rubber looking fetch it balls are the greatest. ..they last forever and small enough for them to put in their mouths and chomp on!

Don't know about the best toys, but Betty Boop is addicted to Whimsee toothbrushes and alligators. These are potato based hard chews. They come from Holland and are rigidly inspected and have no bad ingredients. These keep her busy for  ... oh 10 minutes or so (lol).

Ten minutes? Wow...that has to be a record! :-D

The Kong toys seemed to work pretty well for Ruby.

The last German shepherd pup could reduce almost anything to shreds. Weirdly, she couldn't (?? chose not to ??) rip apart a rope toy. Don't know why, but those would last forever.

BTW, the vet said never to give a tennis ball to any dog. If a dog chews one up and swallow its innards, the critter's a goner. Pet stores sometimes have really hard, solid rubber balls that seem to be pretty chew-resistant.


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