Just wondering if anyone out there has such a thing and, if so, do you have any pictures?  We were talking about how cute they might be--or even a Westie/corgi mix--but can't find anything on the web.  I guess they don't qualify as an official "hybrid" dog :)

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I have a Westie / Corgi mix. She appears to be Cardigan Corgi, as she has the long tail and her front feet point out. She is heavy ... about 26 pounds, very long and her ears are taller than a Westie. The rest of her looks like a Westie. At a glance you would think she was a Westie. But when you take a closer look, you can totally see the Corgi side. I've uploaded a few pix. One shows her feet sticking out. The other shows how long she is.

What a cute mix. I love the long fluffy ears lol
She is definitely a cutie! And I'm guessing a less difficult dog than a scottie x corgi would be :). I can only imagine the stubborn creature such a union might produce.
yes! i had one. he was a beautiful and intelligent dog! pictures attached. These were taken after his summer hair cut--- naturally it was much longer and thick!

OMG How Handsome.
cute pics!!
He is adorable. I have the Westie/Corgi mix. He reminds me of her, except she is white. It appears Corgis mixed with Scotties or Westies make pretty cute dogs.

OMG, as a former Scottie owner and current Corgi owner, these photos put me over the top!! how adorable!


So cute!! What a great expression in the first pic
We have a Scottie-Corgi Mix. He's sooooo much fun and cute! His fur is very Scottie, but his ears, feet and body are Corgi. Here is what he looks like :)

He is darling :)
Too too cute!


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