I feel like there was a post about this a few months ago but I can't find it. Is anybody using the Seresto Collar with their corgis? I just moved to a 200 acre property that has a lot of ticks and Frontline (or any topical product) is not working here. He is still flea free and it works on my cats but I suspect since Frank swims in our pond daily the Frontline is just washing off. I've pulled about 6 live ticks off of him since I moved. Some of my vet friends have recommended the Seresto collar as it can be waterproof, safe for cats, and lasts for up to 8 months. This seems too good to be true (especially since the collar is only $49 at DrsFosterandSmith.com with an additional $20 rebate!!). So, has anyone tried it and does it REALLY work as well as they say it does?

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Thanks! My vets I worked with haven't used it so aren't familiar with it or its efficacy. We only carry the Preventic collar right now and it is not supposed to get wet so I'm not even going to try that one. Glad to hear its helping with fleas. Trifexis/Comfortis has always worked well for Frank for fleas and I will continue to finish out his Trifexis but I've yet to find a tick product that works quickly and effectively. 

Just wanted to update y'all on the collar.  I put one on Fauna in early August.  Yesterday, I found a few fleas on her legs.  It seems to still be working for ticks, but only 2 months effectiveness for fleas is pretty poor.  Granted Fauna does get hosed off a lot at the dog park, but the collar is still supposed to last 5 months with bathing.  I haven't noticed fleas on her front half, so maybe it's just not covering her whole body?

I also have her on Triflexis for heartworms (treats fleas too), and it's been about 3 1/2 weeks since her last dose.  Down south, no flea treatment last the whole 4 weeks, so before the collar, I would bath her with flea & tick shampoo about once a week.  Since putting the collar on her, I've been mostly just hosing her off with water (no shampoo) or shampooing but avoiding the collar.

Seeing that this collar has only lasted 2 months for fleas, I think I might just try out some different flea & tick shampoos and see if I can find something more effective than Adams.  Too much money to spend on top of Triflexis for an itchy dog!

I took the Seresto flea collar off of Maya at the beginning of September because she started to scratch more than normal. After giving her the Trifexis flea/heart worm pill at the beginning of Sept. she was continuing to scratch. I then gave her a good bath and then used a rake to get Maya's loose undercoat removed. After removing all of her loose undercoat, Maya has not been scratching since then. What I will do at the beginning of September is put the Seresto flea collar back on Maya and not give her Trifexis to see what happens. I think that maybe the excess scratching may have been from Maya shedding her undercoat. When I took the Seresto collar off of Maya it was working on keeping fleas off of Maya and I would have to guess that she had been wearing the flea collar for at least 2 months. 

Terry, you should probably keep Maya on some type of heartworm preventative year-round.  The mosquitoes are still raging at my house in Baton Rouge. Jefferson Feed sells the livestock-grade wormer for pretty cheap, which you can dosed-down for dogs (ask your vet first). You might want to try that to save some money.  As far as other alternatives to Triflexis, my vet is no longer recommending Heart Guard. However, they do a 6-month shot for heartworm now that works well. 

Lauren, I give Maya Heart Guard every month. My vet gave Drew a free dose of Heart Guard and did ask if I was still giving it to Maya. Is there a reason why your vet is not recommending Heart Guard anymore?  

There have been some severe reactions to the drug among Border Collies.  Since we don't know what Fauna is mixed with, they recommended using something different.

We have been giving them to Maya off and on since we got her in Dec of 12. So far she's been doing good with it. I have tried Trifexis to help control fleas so I didn't mix em up.

I put the collar on Franklin August 1st. He swims everyday and is bathed pretty frequently due to swimming in a nasty pond daily. I've seen no ticks since putting on the collar and so far he is still flea free. I haven't used any other flea/tick prevention since putting on the collar. So far I'm very happy with it since nothing worked for ticks. I don't love that he has to wear a flea collar and will probably take it off after the first freeze and leave it off for the winter. 

In April we suffered a severe flea infestation while at the same time Frosty was bringing ticks in the house everyday.  In May I put a collar on Frosty and 2 of our inside cats.  Since then we have not seen one flea or tick.  I love their collars and will definitely buy again.  Frosty is usually bathed 1-2 times a month, and the cats once a month.  They have all been wearing their collars for almost 5 months.  None of the animals have suffered from any side affects at all.  In fact, in Frosty's case, he has completely stopped scratching since I took him off Frontline and put on his collar.

It sounds so tempting to use something more effective and less expensive, but I live in tick country so I am wary. The only way I can avoid ticks on myself and my dog is to stay out of the woods and any slightly tall grasses in the warmer months and use Frontline and/or Advantage II on my dog. It isn't easy, but it works. It feels like living on house arrest from the first deep frost to the last snow, but Lyme disease has hit many members of my family, one granddaughter more than once, and I removed more than a half a dozen ticks from myself after one walk in the woods without my dog this past spring. That was in early April before the snows had even completely melted. Since I live in a wooded area it really limits our walks to smaller areas. I can't wait to roam free in another week or so, but curtailing our walks for six months seems like a small price to pay. We had one frost so far so a deep, killing frost cant be far off!. Unfortunately, hunting season opens soon so we have to be aware of rogue shotgun blasts in the woods, but the snakes, ticks, and mosquitoes will soon be gone for a while at least.


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