Cooper just got neutered this afternoon and ever since I got him back he has been shaking uncontrollably . The vet said it could be a reaction to the anesthesia, but it doesn't seem a very good reaction to me. Is this normal? My mini Aussie was perfectly normal when we got him back after his surgery. He wanted to play when we picked him up! But Cooper is just laying there moaning and shaking. I got him to eat a little, so that's a good sign. I just don't think the shaking is normal. I don't want him to be in pain and me not know about it.

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Not a dog, but my Bengal cat was the same way after his neuter operation. He was very wobbly, trembling a little, quite warm to the touch and completely ignored food and water. I was also told that it's a normal reaction to the anesthesia wearing off. My cat recovered within 48~ hours.

That is relieving. The shaking is just so alarming, it's almost fully fledged twitching in the back legs. He has been sleeping a lot so hopefully the shaking will cease in a few more hours.

This is a very normal reaction. There are many drugs that cause uncontrollable muscle spasms and twitching. Also, its common for anesthetics to cause hypothermia so try to keep him bundled up and that will help increase his temperature and also help his body metabolize whatever anesthetic is still in his symptom. Since Franklin has temperature regulation problems he will often tremble and whine for 2-3 days after anesthetic and his temperature will remain super low for almost one full day. All totally normal. He will likely be his happy self tomorrow.

Anesthesia can cause that to happen in pets.  Heck, it even causes it in humans.  I've had 4 surgeries in my life and I had uncontrollable trembling/shivering after 3 of them.  The fourth time I didn't tremble, but I had extreme nausea until they gave me a second dose of anti-nausea medication through the I.V.  The trembling will pass, as Melissa has said, and he will be his happy self in no time.  :)

Today, he has stopped trembling, like you said he would. He is still very groggy and he is red and swollen down there. Poor thing, he thinks I am so mean cause I won't let him play or follow me around. I keep making him lay down and rest. I gave him a brand new bone to chew on but he doesn't seem interested.

Noodles shook after his surgery and his eyes were all glassy looking as well (and he kept crying if he couldn't see either me or my husband). He slept draped across my tummy for the first 3 nights or else he refused to lay down (because of the cone of shame). He actually almost fell over because he fell asleep sitting up. Thankfully that was on a Friday night and I could baby him until I returned to work on Monday. I think seeing him this way after his snipping surgery (granted he was 6 months old) is what is concerning me about getting him in to get his teeth cleaned. I will do it, but I'm being a procrastinator since his doctor said to get him in within the next 6 months (I still have 4 months to go).

I completely understand. It is so awful to see my poor baby like this. He isn't handling his surgery well at all. The first day he had the lifeless watery eyes and twitching. and today he has not let me out of his sight, acting miserable and whining. He would hardly eat. His incision is all swollen and red so i took him back to the vet and they said to put an ice pack on it for 5 minutes everyday. I absolutely hate doing it cause he struggles and cries and i feel like i am torturing my baby. I will definitely be hesitant to ever put him under again after this nightmare. Maybe i am being too sensitive and worrying too much. I just don't know cause my Aussie, Zero, acted like nothing had even happened after his surgery. No complications whatsoever. All dogs are different though. I am just so protective of my corgi butt!


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