Does anyone know what the second set of shots a puppy needs Ruger is due april2 the breeder gave me his shot record and he got his first set of shots at 4weeks that included






And of course he got deworming but his second set is due april second and i dont know which ones he needs and weather i should take him to his vet or go to the farm and feed store get them and do them myself

which i have done shots on dogs myself before but the owners always were friends got the shots then came to me and i did them so i dont know which one i should do any suggestions 

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If he has not been seen by a vet yet, definitely take him to a vet to get the shots done. Especially since you are asking this question. They are there to educate you and can tell you all the shots he will need that visit and in the future. They will also tell you all the precautions you need to take before letting him play. And last of all, your vet will explain to you why giving vaccines at 4 weeks old does NOTHING to help develop his immune system and that the first set of shots his breeder gave were a waste and will not do anything to help protect him. He will need 3 sets of distemper/parvo/parainfluenza. Coronavirus is a not needed after they have been weaned as it is only a disease of very young pups. Many feed stores/shot clinics will try to get you to give that shot but it really is useless. Puppies can't even begin to build immunity to the vaccines until the are 6 weeks old at the earliest. Many vets prefer to wait until 8 weeks when their immune system is better developed and more able to respond to the vaccines. Its also good to have a vet check his knees, eyes, ears, listen to his heart, and do a fecal. Most of this should be done within 72 hours of you bringing him home, and if it hasn't been done yet you should do it now and get vaccines at the same time.
actually now that im looking at the papers at the bottom she wrote between4-6weeks and at the top were you feel n ho old he was when he got them she put 6-8 weeks so mayb it was six weeks but she told me they were due again on april 2 ok and i looked at a calender and the date she got them and he was7weeks and 6days old when she gave them she gave them tohim on march 19 he was born jan 23 but i dont know why at the bottom she wrote 4-6 cause she did gave them to him on 3-19 which would b 7weeks 6days so my bad should took closer look sorry  guys but if she gave them 3-19 would he really b due april2 cause i thought it was 8weeks than 12 weeks and he would b 12 weeks at  april 17 and April2 is 2 weeks after she gave hers and he would b 10weeks old april3 but some say between 11-12 weeks for second set and some say 9-11 weeks for second set if it is 9-11 weeks then she did give me right date cause he would b 10weeks on april 3 which would be beween 9-11weeks like it says but if it is 11-12 weeks than i should wait intell april10
she gave him his shots at 8weeks well 7weeks 6 days sorry for the cofusion i read the paper wrong she gave them to him march 19 which he was 7weeks 6days sorry for the misunderstanding everyone
and hey has been to vet when he got his first set of shots
So basic rule of thumb is 3 weeks (but preferably 4 weeks, but not more than 4 weeks) between each set of vaccines. So if he had them the 19th, I'd wait 3 1/2-4 weeks from that day to get the next set. Also, I would take him to YOUR vet to do an exam and vaccine just for the puppy shots and then do a clinic for future shots. When vets do shots for a litter of puppies they usually just do a quick once over (depending on the vet) to make sure the pups are healthy enough to be vaccinated. I'd have my vet do a thorough exam just to make sure he is growing properly and hasn't developed any internal issues we as owners may  not be able to notice. They always say the first year and last year are most expensive when owning a dog. Good to hear she didn't give vaccines at 4 weeks. Always makes you worry about the quality of a breeder who gives 4 week vaccines (and some "breeders" do). Of course its usually those "breeders" that sell their puppies at 6 weeks old. Good luck! :-)
I would suggest a wellness puppy visit with your vet. My puppies come with a contract that strongly encourages a visit to the vet within 48hours and from my own experience my Livvy had a hernia that had closed but still could be a problem in the future. Your vet can help you with all the suggested shots and when they are due and why they need them. Bring the paper along so they can see this. My pups also leave my home with the brand of vaccine and wormer used. I know it's cheaper to do pup shots myself but I still rely on my vet to be the expert. I hold off as long as I can with shots due to the fact that they don't work if the dog is too young and mine don't leave home till they are 10 weeks or older.
my puppy already had is first shots at 8weeks on march 19 andhe is my puippy we already bought him a 8weeks old on march 23 but ive got to get him his second set of shots which r due between 9-11 weeks i already scheduled a vet visit even though the breeder we got him fom took him for a exam and his shots on march 19 we r takin him again on aprill11 for his second set and aa exam

At 8 weeks they get Bordetalla 1st injection  and Lyme Disease First vaccine

At 10 weeks Bordetella Booster injection and  Canine Distemper

At 12 weeks Rabies vaccine and Lyme disease booster

At 17 weeks Canine distemper Booster


then they are good for a year til the series starts over again

this vaccine protocol is actually incorrect according to AVMA (Amercian Veterinary Medical Association). Rabies CAN NOT be given before 16 weeks, by law. They are also supposed to get 3 distemper/parvo vaccines (although there is a new vaccine out that cuts the number of vaccines needed down). Also Lyme, and bordetella are not "core" vaccines and only given on a case by case basis. DHPP (or DAPP) and Rabies are the only "core" vaccines required by all dogs and its up to your vet to decide what other diseases your puppy should be vaccinated against.
no it is not incorrect because this  is the series of which the vet gave my puppy and here in this state rabies is given at 12 weeks of age.

I would just call your vet, make the appointment and ask what vaccines he will need. As others have said it's always recommended to take the puppy to see your vet after purchasing him, even if the breeder took him in to see his/her vet previously. 


I believe it's also recommended to wait until the puppy is a little older to give the rabies vaccine. The city I live in requires them to be vaccinated by the time they're 5 months old, but it may vary by area. The lyme disease vaccination is another one that may not be necessary depending on your area, I've never given it to my dogs and it's not 100% guaranteed to work either.

yes in the state I live rabies is given at 12 weeks of age


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