So our little Charlotte (15 weeks old) and her brother Stanley (2 years old) have been getting along great since we brought her home about 6 weeks ago. 


However, both of them are typical food obsessed corgis.  Stanley is great around other dogs and food.  He isn't food aggressive in the least.  We attribute that somewhat to how we would hand feed him as a puppy and practice NILF with him around meal time. 


With Charlotte, when we first brought her home, she had very little appetite and also ate really really slowly (if at all).  So feeding her at all, let alone hand feeding her, wasn't too successful.  At first, we fed them separately.  She would eat in the kitchen with a baby gate to keep Stanley out.  The only time she seemed to take interest in her food was if he was nearby eying the kibble and smacking his lips. It seemed the possible threat of him eating her food stirred up her appetite.  So we changed that routine up and started feeding her in her crate.  That's worked out very well so far but I wanted to start feeding her outside of the crate (so that I could hand feed her and so that she could get used to Stanley being nearby while she ate). We finally got her on a really good food that she LOVES (Fromm Salmon a la veg) and now she happily gobbles her food down like a champ. 


So this morning I hand fed her breakfast while Stanley ate on the other side of the room.  When he finished eating (which takes about 60 seconds), he laid down near her and she kept eating.  Then he got up and got a little closer but was still being respectful.  He wasn't trying to butt in and get her food, he was just kinda observing.  But she must've felt threatened because she aggressively lunged at him.  There was a little snarling bickering for about 10 seconds but it broke up very quickly b/c I stood up and loudly said "Uh uh!!"  I put Stanley in a sit stay and then proceeded to keep feeding her the rest of her food.  I wasn't sure if continuing to feed her what the right thing to do?  Should I have put her in a time out or something? 


What's the best way to get her used to eating with Stanley (or any other dog) nearby?  Food aggression is something I really do not want her to develop and will do whatever training I need to get her out of this.  Sorry for the long post but I'd love to hear some advice from those of you who have dealt with this or have experience with multiple dog households. 


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I've always had more than two dogs at a time, and have never had issues.  They usually work it out amongst themselves.  I wonder if since your female is getting older, if she is starting to show her dominance.  I think you handled it right.  I'd just keep a close eye on them, and maybe make them both work for you to get fed.  I still watch my dogs every time they eat, because this pack is still working issues out, but I do it just in case there is a problem. 
My opinion is that the dogs should each have their own separate space
for eating. I feed my dogs on opposite sides of the kitchen, and when
Luke (aka the hoover) finishes I stand in the way and make sure he
respects Henry's space while he finishes eating. Neither of my guys are very food possessive but I personally would not
expect one to eat with the other one looking over their shoulder.
I feed on different sides of the kitchen and if it is not all gone in 15 minutes (never happens anymore) I pick it up. I also do not allow anyone to sit close while the other is eating. Is there a special reason why you want to hand feed her?

Every dog trainer I've ever spoken to always recommends hand feeding for various beneficial reasons.  And that's what we did with Stanley and he's turned out beautifully in regards to the respect he shows me during feeding time and the lack of possessiveness he demonstrates around his food.  That's exactly what I want from Charlotte. 


As she gets older, I won't be hand feeding her and I will feed them on opposite sides of the room.  However, I know from our lifestyle there will be times when Charlotte & Stanley will have to eat in closer quarters (perhaps in a car on a road trip) or they will be around other dogs and food (ie picnics, meetups etc).  I'd really rather not be worried about potential dog fights b/c she's too possessive over her food....

In that case I would make it clear to Stanley that he does not get to sit and watch while you feed her. She knows full well that he wants her food. Sparty had this issue at an early age and I gave him half his food and after he began eating brought the other half in my hands, if he growled I put it away. He never growled at me again and even my grand children can play in his food but I think it is asking a lot for him to be fine with another dog sitting close by watching him eat. i have 3 dogs that eat at varying speeds and they all know they may not go over to the other dog's dish.
Charlotte sounds  like my Winston (4 yr old male Pem) and Stanley sounds like my boyfriends chihuahua/beagle mix, Midget. Both of them scarf their food down in an instant but sometimes Midget does take a little longer or Winston takes a little longer. What I always be sure to do is pick up the bowls the INSTANT the bowl is empty, so they don't go over to one anothers bowls (Winston gets snappy if Midget does that sometimes). I also will sometimes play with him once he is done eating so he doesn't bother her, and vice versa with Midget..You could also try putting Stanleys food in a toy (such as a Planet Dog ball) so it takes him a little longer to eat as he has to push the toy around to get the food out.. So that by the time he is done, so is Charlotte. When Winston did freak out a lot at first, I would completely separate them in different rooms with the doors closed. Seemed kinda easier on Midget that way. Good luck and keep us updated!


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