Please give me an idea on what we can do to help Molly out, Twice in the last 3 weeks she has gotten us up in the middle of the night to let her out. She doesn't want to get sick in the house, She is a little sweetie! We did what the vet told us and gave her a half an immodium. Did not work today. I've been up since 1:30am. So if this is a little disjointed forgive me. I was reading some of the other answers on this and I noticed someone said something about rawhide bones. Molly loves them. She probally goes through 3 a week. Chicken flavored. She chews them,plays with them and hides them around the house. If she's getting sick because of these we won't let her have them but what do we give her instead? She eats any squeaky toys,balls and kongs. Is there a bone that won't make her sick?

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Hope Molly is better soon.  I have no experience with rawhide bones but we do have a Corgi that loves to chew.  Even at 5 he spends at least 2 hours a day chewing,  The only bone we have found that he loves and cannot chew through are Nylabones. When he has it down to half size (which is 6+ months) we throw it away because sometimes little plastic pieces come off when it is well chewed. Our Tenby went through toys, balls etc.......just like Molly
I get large beef joint bones at Wal-Mart or somewhere else.  They have lots of cartilage which takes a long time to chew and not much bone.
I give quin bully sticks they are harder and they cant chew them up as fast.  for the diarrhea try giving her sweet potato  I bought reg sweet potato fresh and cooked it and then gave her about 1/4 cup it really helped.
I've heard wonderful things about deer antlers (try Peak Antler company). I bought some for Sid but he's not interested. I give him raw beef bones and he loves them, he chews on them forever and keep his teeth super-clean!
Twinkie was a fan of the antler. They last a long time and are very clean. Good luck!
Thanks for all the great advice everyone. I'll go shopping today.
What is she throwing up? Is it actual food or just white/yellow foamy stuff? If it's just the white spitty stuff sometimes a cookie before bed can help. Otherwise I would try antlers or bullysticks. has tons of different types of chews.

I went away last week and I was walking around the yard and found a well chewed t-bone, hope I never find out he threw it over our fence or there will be hell to pay.



I didn't think to mention that ginger is good for nausea and stomach upset.  You might try missing some in a small amount of honey just prior to bed time and let her lick it out of a little bowl.  Start small less than 1/4th tsp. of ginger in about a tsp. of honey.

Sorry for the delay in reading this Renee...finally getting a moment to do so and unfortunately your post isn't answering all of my questions right off the bat! How many times do you feed Molly and the time intervals? What does the vomit look like? I ask because if your feeding once a day in the morning and the vomit is foamy or yellowish that is bile and its because of an empty stomach. I feed my dogs in the a.m. but in the evening just before their last run out I give a cookie. If you've always given rawhides and haven't run into this before I would think nothing of it then...if she is playing more and running more then she is using up more nutrition and might need a little extra. Fall and Spring are big times for some illnesses causing sporatic vomitting of not much concern and loose stools. Tums is a great source of calcium and helps with some nausea...even when a dog only nibbles at food the Tums after about 1/2 hr can get them to eat more. I always give probiotics and yogurt to my dogs daily. More then likely she is getting into something in the yard...acorns are notorious for doing this. If she isn't eating, pooping or hard time pooping and continues to vomit she could have a blockage or partial blockage causing what they call accordian intestines and it does need surgery....a small piece of string can cause this But if she is eating, playful, drinking, normal stools, then I would bet its either needing a cooking at night or she is getting into something in the yard. If she is not on any kind of regimen for intestinal parasite it is said its best to treat dogs every other month for 3 days of Fenbendazole (safeguard). Its a very safe dewormer that does not stay in the system long at all but takes care of round, whip, hook, tape, and giardia and is safe enough for pregnant bitches. I deworm all my pregnant bitches at a certain time in their pregnancies with Fenbendazole because of the increased hormones lets the encysted larvae leave the muscle and enter the bloodstream and affecting pups in utero and this helps minimize worms in puppies. Okay, I am getting off beat here. I hope this helps...if know how to find me.
I was just going to say that it was a big year for acorns.  Even a few acorns can cause diarrhea and/or vomiting.  Jack loves them and it took us two years to figure out that his every-September intestinal upset was caused by acorns; we don't allow him to eat them but just the one or two he would nab while out for a potty break or while walking were enough to do it.  Maddie seems to have an iron stomach and a few won't bother her, but again we try to watch for it.
We buy the "petrified" bones from a source such as pets mart.  Our dogs tends to get a touch of upset stomach with new or unusual food introduction and our male loves them.  They are typically small bones (4" or so) with a hollow center and occassionally we will put peanut butter inside.  His idea of heaven!  ^,,^


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