It seems like I am always on here asking for help, but Syd has yet another problem! I woke up this morning to a massive amount of vomit (that looked like her dog food) in her kennel and she had pooped in there, which she never does. I took her outside and she continued to vomit but this time it was clearish and foamy. I took her back in and cleaned her up and a little later she started having diarrhea. I took her outside and she had several more bouts of it..then what really scared me..she started having straight blood come out. I freaked out and called my vet (who can't see me until tomorrow..hate to make him come in on a Sunday but I don't know what else to do) who said to giver her pepto bismol. She hasn't thrown up anymore but I just took her out and she still has the diarrhea. Still has traces of blood in it but not nearly as much. I talked to a friend who said it sounds like she has parvo, but she's had all of her shots. So parvo isn't possible right? Also, she has had some water but I haven't given her anything to eat (she hasn't eaten ALL day and she threw up what she ate last night). Should I give her rice and chicken tonight or wait until tomorrow? Sorry this is so long! Any insight you may have would be appreciated!

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hmm my only suggestion is if she becomes dehydrated, take her to either an emergency vet clinic or a normal one that is open 24 hours...
I have heard of dogs with their shots that still get Parvo, but no, it's not common. It could be any number of things. Your vet will be able to tell you best. If she's not vomitting anymore, I'd just try to relax and stay calm until you can see your vet tomorrow. Good luck and hang in there!

P.S. If it were me, I probably wouldn't feed her tonight. Wait until the vet tomorrow. Fasting for one day won't hurt her, and in this situation could only help. Do make sure she has plenty of water though whether it's through water, ice, pedialyte, or gatorade/water mix. She has to stay hydrated.
Aber did something similar, including the blood-diarrhea. He had really severe food poisoning. Vet gave him something to block him up and an antibiotic and he was fine. Fed him boiled chicken and rice for about 4 or 5 days, but I think I fasted him for a day first and just made sure he was hydrated. Good luck.
How's Syd???
Definitely withhold feeding for 24 hrs...plenty of fluids can even add in pedialyte for the electrolytes. Pepto can help but so will pumpkin and probiotics. After withholding food for 24 hrs feed her chicken and rice and see how she does on that. Take her temp. Blood in the stool does not mean Parvo. Many times dogs will pass some blood with loose stools or when they are sick. Blood vessels breaking but will stop. If all is good with in awhile on the bland diet for a day you can introduce slowly her normal kibble. The diarrhea can last a couple of days but it will get better. If not then veterinary care is needed. She probably got into something that has agitated her system. Watch her out in the yard for scrounging and might be a good idea to have a stool culture done as well if this comes back.
One thing I would suggest with the bland diet is to use a protein that is different from what is used in the dogs regular kibble as it could be a food intolerance and feeding the same protein may not help at all. Finn's food was chicken based and we fed a bland diet of chicken and rice as the vet told us to do and it didn't help. After switching his kibble to a different protein and seeing instant results, the vet is pretty confident Finn developed a chicken intolerance. When feeding the bland diet if we had used ground beef instead we probably would have seen results.
How did the vet visit go? There are several things it could be and yes, it could be Parvo but I don't think it is. Finn had a period of vomiting when he was little that lasted for a couple days. We withheld food, offered sips of water often, gave Pepcid (per the vet) and still ended up having to go in to get him a shot to stop the vomiting. I don't remember what caused it. I'd have to go back and read my blogs, but I do remember talking to the vet about how some dogs produce a lot of stomach acid during the night when there stomach is empty and giving a snack before bed helps to prevent them from throwing up.

At about 7 1/2 months he started with the diarrhea which lasted over a month and was sometimes bloody. We tried several meds, fecal tests, bland diet of chicken and rice and nothing helped. Finally the vet said it may be a food intolerance (probably chicken) so we switched his food and right away he started to improve. All that and all we had to do was switch his food.

He had a more recent incident where he had terrible diarrhea in his crate and threw up. The night before he had eaten a rawhide. I usually let him chew one for a little bit then take it away but it was left in the crate with him and he ate the whole thing. I know this is what caused his problem. I took him out after bathing him and he tried to go potty some more but only blood was coming out. We withheld food, i gave him a Pepto and water and he was better by the next day.
Mattie has been throwing up today too...third time tonight. I don't know what's wrong with her, I called the vet's office they said feed her as normal - she hardly ate all day and wouldn't drink water til later in the night. Still don't know what to do, but she has her vet appointment on Wed.
my vet has me give walker a pepcid ac every morning! ( i had this very issue a few weeks back) I took Walk to the vet because I was worried about parvo also (fully vaccinated, but still worried) I also was told by the vet to feed boiled drained and rinsed burger with rice for 3 days pepcid for 7 days, and just for safe keeping he have walker a antibiotic!

My suggestion would be, rice/burger and pepcid, if its not better in a day, call your vet!
I assume you know the pinch skin dehydration test?


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