After being away from home for three days, I noticed my 9-month-old's left retina is silver. This is definitely something that is very new. It reflects the light like mad! I haven't noticed any changes to his right eye. There may be some cloudiness but that could also be an overprotective mom worried about her baby. But the left retina is definitely silver!

We have set up an appointment with the vet on Tuesday (the 16th) but I can't stop thinking about it. I'm afraid it may be some sort of congenital disease that may ultimately leave him blind (maybe Progressive Retinal Atrophy?). It doesn't seem to bother him any which is both good and bad. I'm hoping for an infection that can be easily cleared up... but since his eye isn't bothering him that seems unlikely.

I know dogs are not affected by blindness in the way people are, but I still don't want that to happen to my baby. Has anyone else experienced anything of this nature? Infections? Experience with PRA?

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Sorry I can't help! Good Luck and someone on here should be able to share some experience with you!
Hope all turns out well. Let us know!!! Waiting is the hardest thing to do when we are worried about our babies.
Oh my. How scary. I'm so sorry to hear your baby is having trouble. I hope all turns out well. I'm so sorry I can't help. Hugs from Kota and me.
It is very hard to say without a pic, here's a link to webMD, they have employed AVMA staff to join their exchange forum now, post your question there and see if you can get an answer before the 16th, let us know!
Today was our trip to the vet. He wasn't sure and referred us to a specialist, of which the nearest if 2 hours away. Vet thinks it may be juvenile cataracts which can be corrected with surgery. But the good news is the vet says he probably has 95% of vision in both eyes!


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