Hi all,

I suppose those of us who still frequent the site have noticed a big slow down in site traffic over the past year or so.   I miss all our old friends!

I finally discovered (a little late) the official MyCorgi Facebook page.  That gets a lot of traffic. And it is great for sharing photos, birthday wishes, puppy announcements and those sorts of things.

But for conversations about training, health, behavior and all those other things, it seems to me that the website works so much better.  It is hard, with Facebook, to archive.  Or find a conversation from 3 days ago to check the status.  Or follow up to a response to your own answer if there are lots of other responses.  

It seems to me it would benefit both the Facebook group and this website if more people surfed on over for conversations.  

Any ideas on how to increase traffic?  It seems the owner/ moderators are not very active any more on this site, and I understand completely that life changes.

But I would have to see this website die a slow death.  I have learned so much and it's been so valuable.  Can we cross-promote on the Facebook page?  Any other way to get the word out?


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Wow!! Corgis HAVE gotten popular! :-)

Alison...I am also on IG and I really can't see where IG would interfere with this site.  IG is really all pictures not the kind of posting that has always been done here.

I have drifted away because there are so few conversations.   Facebook does not lend itself to the sort of back-and-forth exchange of ideas that the web forums do.   I am on the Facebook site but I rarely respond and just like photos.   I learned so much here, then eventually became one of the people who was able to pass on knowledge (while of course continuing to learn).

Facebook has taken away from so many online forums.  In my opinion, online forums like this more closely mimic the way people speak to each other in real life.  You can follow the thread of a conversation here, come back and revisit it weeks or months later and really get to know people.   Moreover, the format keep people kinder and more respectful.  There is nothing like reading your own post a week later and going "Ouch.  I said... WHAT?... again...?" to remind us all to be our most generous selves when dealing with others.   

Very sad at what we have lost.  :-(  

I 100% agree with you Beth. I like the way you put that this is more personal conversation than just leaving comments. That is why I love this site so much, it is in fact more personal and feels more natural. 

I liked the fact we could actually have a conversation with one another and share advice or experience without all the drama that FB creates.

plus, at least for me, creating a unique page just for my corgi was always so fun and neat to me

Yup. FB now absorbs a lot of my time, but it's very shallow and certainly not as informative or helpful as the full-fledged MyCorgi.com forum has been.

Your "kinder & more respectful" observation gets to a real problem with FB, in my never-very-humble opinion. It tends to partake of the mood of forums you see at journalistic sites, where commenters snipe at each other over current events. Like a news site, FB seems to suffer from a fair amount of trolling -- partly because some people apparently lose their inhibitions when interacting with those they can't see and know they will never see in person, and partly because people get in a hurry and slap down remarks that they wouldn't emit if they took some time to think about them.

LOL! I'm afraid my technological growth ended at blogging. Once a blogger, always a blogger???

So I have an idea. Lemme see if I can start another string here. Something weird happened to my son's dog, and I wonder if you folks (or anyone else who's lurking) has any experience with it. Hang on...

I muck prefer the more personal nature of a forum.  I belong to 2 online forums and I have been posting with these folk for close to 20 years.  Neither is dedicated to a particular subject such as corgis but just a group of people (mostly women) and friendship.  They all have FB pages but they still post every day on the forum because of the closeness we have attained over all these years.  Been the good times and the bad times but the support has always been there for each other.

Over the years I have been a member here I have seen posts of good times and bad times....not just concerning our corgis and there has always been support.  I was warmly welcomed when I joined and I appreciated that.  There is no clique here, everyone is welcomed and made to feel at home.  Such a shame that it has gone by the wayside.  This was a group I would check first thing every morning to see what was posted new or for an update on a previous post.

Same here Linda, it was my morning routine with my coffee! haha I know what you mean about the warm welcome <3 I felt the same way and i think thats why im still so partial to this page because of that. it was so nice to sign up and have people from all over welcome you and tell you how handsome/pretty your corgi was lol then around the holidays you would get warm messages. it was so fun checking my inbox and seeing that. 

one day I checked it i had 23 messages! haha it was a sweet thing to wake up to

I am glad to see some of the Corgi friends writing.... it was sad not to find anyone here anymore, except on rare occasions.  I came to this site with a lot of dog knowledge, having been a breeder, trainer, instructor, exhibitor in both breed and obedience, put working titles on my dogs, and having done Rescue for 20 years but..... I KNEW LITTLE ABOUT CORGIS and had just adopted a 10 month old Cardigan from the Shelter who was startled by everything. I don't think he'd ever been in a home or car. 

I found here people who were not only highly experienced in the breed, but also very generous with sharing their experiences and knowledge and it made my relationship with Mowgli one that has taught me to see through new eyes.  I came to cherish the friendships and thank all of you that made that experience fun, stimulating and invaluable.  The Fb page does not appeal to me, it is of an entirely different nature, but I'm glad to see it works for others.

I am saddened that Beth's OP was prophetic, but it was good while it lasted! I do keep checking occasionally, but it is seldom warranted...I have seen this happen in a few other good forums I participated in, not dog related, when new pages were started by those who were the originators and traffic and focus just shifted. I guess that's why it's a VIRTUAL reality! Hug your Corgi, he or shy  the real thing.

Hey everyone! I really miss this site too! I mostly use IG these days just because it is so quick and easy to glance and see hundreds of adorable corgi photos all in one place, but nothing can replace all the helpful friends on the MyCorgi forums.  When Tommy joined our family 6.5 years ago, this site was my first and only source of advice and support! The Facebook page is great, but it really is a different animal.  Hope everyone is doing well!! 

Laura....what's your name on IG?    Mine is smidget501

Hi Linda! We are tom_corg - I am following you now! :)


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