I was curious what things people have used for dogs with skin Allergies. My Aussie has always had bad skin allergies, and now Lyla has been chewing on her paws too. I am not sure if she has skin allergies too or if she is just copying what she sees Sky doing (which she does a lot). I have been giving Sky Benadryl twice a day, but I would rather be giving him something natural. Has anyone tried a natural remedy that has worked well for skin allergies?

I found something on allergicpet.com called Skin-Eze that looks interesting. Has anyone tried that before? (http://www.allergicpet.com/products/skin_eze.html)

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I can share what I have used on Lorenzo but doesn't work. Everytime Lorenzo is chewing his pawss or legs, it makes me feel that he is going to eat it.

Benadryl twice a day - not feel it makes any difference.
Skin & Itch Relief from HomeoPet. - no difference
Peace & Kindless spay , my friend recommends it to me as her breeder use it. Lorenzo hates the spray, I have to spray it on a tissue and put it on his paws and legs, - no difference either.
I would love to hear of a natural remedy. Buddy bites his paws and has dry skin on his bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Well, the benadryl (on mg per pound every 8-12 hrs) has been working. I have seen a huge difference in how much he itches (you do have to consistently give it to them for several weeks though before you see a difference). I would just prefer something natural as opposed to meds for the rest of his life. I am concerend what/if the long term effects would be. So, if all else fails I'll still with the benadryl, but I'll definitely let you know if anything else I try seems to help.
I got a product called Lick Guard from my vet for my Aussie who can't stop licking even if he has a tiny spot! It works great and has maybe a mint and pepper type herb/spice that the dog doesn't like! This is a dog that had his whole stomach licked raw when he got neutered...you should not put directly on a sore but around it...I would recommend you try this...
This is a stretch, but I had a cat one time with severe allergies the vet could never control. I read in a Good Housekeeping magazine that you should feed them out of stainless steel bowls because some plastic ones have something in them animals may be allergic to. We switched to a stainless steel bowl, and his allergies were GONE. It's a thought....
I think Aj and I were talking about this in chat earlier... You may want to shoot Aj a message... They got something from the vet for it and it worked for them... Or if you see Aj in chat, ask, Aj is there a quite a bit... Good luck!
After reading an article I came across on greatdanelady.com on yeast infections (http://www.greatdanelady.com/articles/systemic_yeast_mini_course.htm), I noticed a lot of similarities to Sky's issues. Particularly that he was on antibiotics A LOT as a young pup. I am going to try the Nzymes supplements and see if I can wean him off of the benadryl with that (http://www.nzymes.com/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=7&idproduct=2). Anyone used these vitamins before?? I'd love to hear about it if you have!
Interesting article, thanks for sharing!
Hi did this work for you? Mochi has this skin problem that hasn't gone away with steroids and the bendryl.. my vet keeps saying its seasonal allergies but its doesn't get any better...
My Aussie has bad allergies too. I have been giving him a supplement called Nu-Vet. So far its working. You can get it online. I was giving him 2 benedryl 3 times a day and it wasn't helping. I also got a food for sensitive skin that is salmon based. Good luck!
Our first dog Siri chewed dramatic open sores in her skin as a puppy. This disappeared promptly when Lori did some research and took her off grain-containing food, switched to a raw meat diet.
I have recommended Baking Soda, when they come in from outside 1/4 cup 1/2 cup in some warm bath water up to their side and just take a washcloth and wipe them under belly and legs. They come out and don't itch can repeat it each day if needed. It works! Good during pollen season to!


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