I am interested in learning more about small animal massage. I looked online for schools and found them to be extremely expensive. Is there anyone out there that can recommend a thorough book or other information on this subject? I don't need to know about rehabilitation massage [even though it would be nice to know], but am mainly curious about basic massage, its benefits, and techniques to use. Thank you!

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Miranda...I did have a book that told how to massage your dog. I don't remember the name...I will see if I can find the book. I think I bought it at Borders , many years ago. I will get back to you. My Corgi "TUCKER" loved to be massaged.
Lo loves a good massage on his left shoulder, puts him to sleep.
Miranda...I Googled the book title and author...Amazon has it and you can peek inside. cost is $9.95.
You can also do quite a bit of research online about T-Touch. It is very useful with animals.
You can swing by DOGWISE.COM they sell books on everything dog. When my Shuffs was alive he couldn't have rymadil for his arthritis so massage and heat therapy were my basic options I bought a fairly indepth book called CANINE MASSAGE A COMPLETE REFERENCE MANUAL by JEAN-PIERRE HOURDEBAIGHT, L.M.T this is a really good book, it even has diagrams and a complete section on canine anatomy and kinesiology.
Oh and this is just 1 of the books they sell on this topic they have some on just proper stretching of pups also!!
Thank you all so much for your responses! My Murphy doesn't have any health issues [thank goodness!] but I've heard of either spinal problems or hip displaysia later on in life due to their build. I was curious as to methods of prevention and also just making him feel good! He deserves it, with how much joy he brings to my life. I will look into these mentioned books!
Combing is a massage for Al. He goes limp, almost falls asleep. I'm going to check out that Hourdebaight book. Combine combing and massage. I do this when *I* need to calm down and center.
After a day that's just gone all to hell, the thing to do is crash out and comb the dogs.
I ended up ordering Canine Massage: A Complete Reference Manual by Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt, mentioned by Christy Fry. I'll let you all know how it is. 200 pages.. can't be too bad!
I would also make homemade heatpacks, you just buy fabric remenents sew them into a little bag and then fill with rice,oats, and cinnamin sticks or lavender and then just microwave them till they were warm not hot I would place them on his upper body to warm his joints and muscles then start the massage lowering the heatpacks down his body step by step so the next area would be warm and ready for it's massage untill his whole body was done.
I like to play soft music for them (Mozart for Al, Beethoven for Gwynnie), and light scented candles -- yes, lavender or cinnamon is great -- but I found they prefer Dead Squirrel or something like that.
:) :)
Oh, they maintain they're the Queen's, dognapped as puppies; pampered, yes, but they do NOT get the Buckingham Palace treatment they demand.
They call me "The Butler" behind my back.


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