I'm getting a red pem in March and I want to try and get a blue merl corgi after cardigan or pem and i know a breeder who does blue merl pems but I hear lots of things ranging from there is no such thng as a purebred blue pem that you have to have a cardigan in the mix. Also that it's just a serious fault..and no real breeder would breed them so I have no idea.

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The merle gene does not exist in the Pembroke gene pool. If someone is breeding them, there is another breed in the family tree.
By the way, since a double merle breeding can result in blind and/or deaf pups, I can't respect a breeder who goes out of the way to introduce the merle gene into a breed that does not carry the gene, just to get a pretty color.

There are thoughtful reasons to outcross or create new breeds.

Introducing a color that has no practical benefit and can be harmful is not one of those reasons.

Blue merle does not exist in the pembroke breed. It's a mix. People usually use mini aussies or cardigans from what I've seen. Very frowned upon as far as breeders go.


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