Freya is turning into a "gulper" by that I mean if she is nearing the end of her chew she will swallow it before I or any other dog comes near her could take it away. Knowing this, I've stopped giving her rawhides (which I think is what caused her strange gastrointestinal issues) and only have given her bully sticks which she has gulped down still because I never get to her in time.

I haven't really given her much to chew on since then but that doesn't mean she doesn't have something to chew. She has started to enjoy chewing up sticks (which I don't want and take those away all the time.)

Can anyone recommend a safe alternative to get her chewing needs satisfied without causing gastrointestinal issues as well possibly breaking her teeth?

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Have you tried antler chews yet? They're super strong real natural antlers and it should take Freya longer to chew small enough to swallow. When you notice it's getting small, but not yet small enough for her to swallow then take it away.
I haven't tried those yet. I have heard of them though. Do you recommend any place to order it?
Well, I can't really help there, since I don't have a dog yet to order one for, but I know many other members have. I'm sure one of them will be able to recommend a place to order from.

You could also try googling "natural dog chews order online" and look at the sites that come up. Be careful though to make sure it's a legitimate and honest business before giving any credit card info.
I have been meaning to order them for a while and I just did. (Thanks for the reminder!) This place sounds good - all natural not processed. I ordered 2 medium sized antlers.

Tucker also gulps down the last two iches of his bully sticks and I have heard mixed reviews on the sterilized bones I have been giving him so I am happy to have something new to try.
I was searching around and was just about to suggest that site. They're on sale too, although only 75 cents off, but hey. =D
mine love their antler chews!!! I get them through pet expertise which I see there is a link already for YAY!, and a local natural pet supply store. They are more money but I get to pick the antler. they do come in different hardness's and shapes.
I go to the store for my puppy's so I can get a softer one =)
Though a bit pricey they still seem to be a better value than bully sticks! Those only last Tuck about 30 minutes - and they are not cheap! At least this should last a while.
I have a similar problem with Stella. I'm always looking for something she won't chomp in 5 minutes or gulp down. Stella loves bully sticks as well and she did the same thing to me the other day. I was just about to take it from her and she swallowed it! I also gave her a pig ear for the first time, thinking that would take a while, but she ate it in less than 15 minutes! I'm not sure about the antlers--I'll need to try them too. But as for bully sticks, I found a "braided bully stick" which is about 6 inches long and consists of three medium size bully sticks braided together. It's thicker, and she really needs to work on it for a while to even make a dent. I also get her beef basted natural bones--but the big ones--ones that are bigger than her head!
There's different types of kong toys that you can put peanut butter in...these they can't chew up! All my dogs love these! Also I use cow hooves(USDA only) these they love but eventually you will have to throw out as they will wear down but it takes awhile! Those are the only 2 I know work well. My dogs will puke on rawhides also...
Avoid the bully sticks, they smelled my whole house up and made Bear's breath "unBEARable"
Tucker got his antlers - I gave him one last night and he loves it! They are definitely much cleaner than the bully sticks and don't seem as harsh on his teeth as the sterilized bones.


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