We are about a month and a half into Sophie's chemo treatments. She started off great, then had trouble with the third treatment and wound up blowing a cluster seizure (related to the chemo or not, we don't know--- it may have just been her time as it was nearly a year since her previous one). She was supposed to do four weekly treatments, have a week off, then do four more weekly treatments. We took the break after three to let her body settle down again after the seizures, and then 5 weeks on again. We are in the 4th of those 5 weeks after the break. This last treatment seemed to perk her up rather than bring her down! She went on a nice long walk Saturday, visiting her friends at the hardware store and mooching treats and rubs. Sunday, she enjoyed the blizzard conditions and Monday, exploring the drifts in the back yard. The vet has told us she is in early remission, but we should continue the treatments to ensure the nodes don't grow back right away. We are SO happy!!!! Sophie is such a little trooper!!! Never barks, growls, or shows her teeth regardless of what they do to her. They are amazed when I tell them about her hijinx at home; she is so sedate and calm for them. :-) We love her so!!! Thank you to all for your kind words of support, healing thoughts, and prayers.

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That is wonderful news! I'm so glad she is responding to the treatment so well. I will keep her in my prayers for continued success and recovery. Go go Sophie!

 Best thoughts and hopes for a positive outcome...permanently positive! Sounds like there's some real hope.

I have never had an animal with cancer, but I'm sure it's very stressful.  I see you lost your first Corgi to cancer also?  As far as I know, Corgis are not particularly prone to cancer as a breed.  Really crummy luck..I hope she continues to improve and you have lots of quality time to spend with her yet.  Treatments have come along way.  Hugs to you and your fur baby.

Very glad to read this!  Many prayers and good thoughts that she continues to improve and you have a lot more quality time with Sophie.


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