Corgis not only collect stuffed animals, they also kill and disembowel them. Corgi owners must either replace them frequently or re-stuff and stitch. Corgis enjoy the ritual of a stuffed animal surgery.

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Oh yes, I perform surgery on them all. Gwen's goal is to de squeak them(which gets confiscated and thrown away.). then destuff them. Even if they're flat she'll still kill them. It's just something to deal with. I sew them up a couple times. I've taken the remaining stuffing out and let her have at the carcass as it were . When they get tossed they really have been thru everything.

Walnut will start killing off his soft toys slowly, staring with the left eye first, and started pulling out all the stuffs in the toys.

Ryno will play tug of war with Wrigley.  She however is the household defender against all things stuffed, squeaky, plush or singing.  Her first "kill" was a dancing monkey which played Pitbull's song "I know you want me".  She did want him.  She got him and killed him.  Now if you just say the word "monkey" she goes nuts.

The Horror Drawer now has well over a dozen Zaney heads in it.  I wish I'd kept the stuffing -- I'd be able to insulate the attic.

Sadistic DismembermentSadistic Dismemberment

I love all of your replies! Sorry it's been forever, but I plan to make up for lost time and post tons of pictures and restart the blogs and discussions again. Thanks!

LOL!!!! It is the same at my house. There is only one toy Tajar has not destroyed methodically and that is his Stegosaurus toy he got the first day we brought him home. All others are dead. I wonder if other breeds do the same???

The only dog I ever had that didn't murder toys was a rottie/shep mix.  Bless his heart, he loved squeaky toys and he would just lay there and squeak it and squeak it and squeak it.  He must have hidden his squeaky hot dog under the couch shortly before he crossed the bridge.  Within 2 days of getting our first corgi, Arnie found it and had the squeaker out within mintues.

The seahorse

The piggy

The teddy

Who knows...

And then there is the self-portrait (my linoleum floor)

Maverick is obsessed with removing the eyeballs and pulling out the brains first. It's a bit unnerving... I always give him an extra treat to keep on his good side. ;-)

Dodger is exactly like this. This month alone he has destroyed about four to five stuffed animals.


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