My little guy is almost 7. Out of the blue late last night he had sudden trouble with his hind legs which I noticed when he went to the bathroom. By the time he went to bed about 30 minutes later, he could barely stand up or move his legs and he was clearly not comfortable. His hind legs basically gave out. It was frightening, but thankfully this morning he is able to stand and walk (a little slower than normal), and he’s been sleeping all day. I’m going to limit his walking/jumping and take him to the vet in a few days, but what wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. 

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You've probably seen a vet already but degenerative myelopathy is common in corgis. 

Update: I did take him to the vet a few days later. At that point, he was already back to normal and the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him physically or neurologically and the vet was puzzled. It thankfully hasn't happened since. 

This happened to my guy all the time when he over did it on activity.  I recall a time when he romped thru the snow with his friends for a couple hours and then was barely able to walk or go up the steps for 3 days!

In that case it was probably either inflammatory or a muscle spasm.   Did the vet do x-rays at all?   

Sorry I am late to the party, but DM comes on very slowly.  First there is the occasional unsteadiness.  Then you notice nails wearing funny.  Then you notice sores on the tops of back feet from toe-dragging.  Usually it starts in one hind leg and moves into the other.  By the time they reach the point where they can't stand, you have seen months of gradually worsening signs.   It doesn't cause sudden onset inability to stand.

Hey just thought I'd add something. My dog did have seizures I believe when he was young maybe from eating something he shouldn't. Not sure if that is what happened, but I think if anything odd happens they eventually grow out of it. He hasn't had seizures or odd issues like that since he was a puppy. He probably was just tired from playing. 


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