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We got Samoa, our 4 year old PWC, a little clip-on light for her collar last fall, but it only lasted a couple of months.  We live in Western MA, where we get quite a bit of snow (which could have affected the battery life).  Can anyone recommend a quality light for corgi collars?  We like taking evening walks with her, and since it's going to be getting darker earlier and earlier -- especially since it's after Daylight Savings -- I'm hoping we can find a better light than last year.


Lots of thanks,

Stefanie (& Samoa, woof!)

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we attached one of those flashing bike lights onto our dogs collar. it was pretty easy and still works after several years of use. Maybe you could use a headlamp light for it to be a bit smaller

That's exactly what I use. It has a band that fits around Teddy's neck perfectly. I got it at Costco, in a two pack. I wear the other one on my arm. It can be a really good flashlight or red flashing lights, depending on what I need it for.

Flashing LEDs are conspicuous and use less energy that a constant beam.

A REFLECTOR may be even brighter in a car's headlights.

I don't like to load my dogs up with baggage.  They're never off-leash after dark.

I have used the the SE and thePolyBrite...Love these collars, you can find them on amazon.

We use orange vests with reflector strips, which are also good for hiking on state gamelands. We got them at fetchdog.com

We use Nite Ize Spot Lit.  These may be what you are already referring to, but they are relatively cheap and easy to find,(pet stores, drug stores, target etc), bright, easy to clip on and off their collars. They come in several colours and flash or have a steady beam. Batteries are replaceable, but just as expensive as buying a new light.  I have many people stop and ask about them when we are out for a walk.  I walk with a few corgi friends once a week and all the dogs wear them.  We light up my little town.  I keep a couple stashed in the pockets of a few of my jackets, then I always have them.

I use NiteIze SpotLit LED light in red (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E8D7QQ/ref=oh_o00_s00_i00_details). It's about $6 on amazon. It clips on to the rings on the collar or on the leash. I keep it on the leash b/c I don't let Charlie go off-leash at night, and also because it's a little heavy and he already has so many city required tags on his collar. 


It's coated in thick squishy material so it withstands biting/chewing pretty well, but for the most part my corgi leaves it alone. 


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