My boyfriend kind of has a morning ritual with Tucker where he tries to 'clamp' Tucker (GENTLY grab his snout in his hand). Tuck loves this game- just the mention of 'clamp!' and he perks up, nub wags, etc- he jumps around the bed, howls and barks (never growls) - it is actually the only time he is very vocal during the day. Of course to prevent him from getting his hand around his snout - Tuck keeps his mouth open (his alligator impression) and therefore it turns into a mouthy game. After the play Tucker snuggles up to him and gets love. He never bites and he's NEVER mouthy any other time but I am wondering if games like this are a definite no-no or if it is ok when the behavior is only started and ended by my bf? Don't want to be the one to ruin their fun but wanted to hear your opinion.

Tucker is not an aggressive or very dominant dog. He is acutally really gentle - doesn't even destuff his squeaky plush toys and is a huge snuggle bug.

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I can not control how my husband plays with the dogs either! His play is always rougher than mine. As long as he is not letting Tucker bite him it is probably OK. The only problem is if a someone else comes at him in a similar way will they think he is being vicious. If there are no teeth involved it should be alright.
My husband has always played rough with all of our dogs. I feel like he deserves it if he works them up into a frenzy and they get too rough with him. I have never allowed them to play rough with me and they all seem to respect and mind me a little more than they do daddy.
It's ok to allow a dog to mouth you in play, but make sure they will stop on command. I use "enough" if I play mouthy games with Jack, and I don't allow him to get rough. Of course if the dog tries to initiate you must stop him. I've had several dogs that would mouth in play and they did not get confused. Heck, protection dogs can even be trained to attack and hold on command.
Thank you- it helps to have some other perspectives! He does stop when the game is over and never initiates it. They are having a good time- we'll just make sure it doesn't get too rough.
Yeah - another Tucker! From one Tucker to another waggs and sniffs (greetings and salutations).


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