Hi everyone!

I'm so excited as my little Blackjack will finally be joining our family tomorrow.  We are very excited and nervous all at the same time. 

Here is my concern...I want to work on crate training, which I know my breeder didn't do, and I don't want to freak Jack out his first night in our house.  I'm looking for some suggestions as to where he should spend the first night...in our master bedroom we do have an adjoined bath with no door that we could place a baby gate in the archway so he could be in there and still see us in the bed, but not be so confined to the crate.  I'm thinking maybe start with the crate and see how he does, and if he seems to be having a difficult time then take him out and move him to the bathroom.

This is my first puppy and I don't want to traumatize him!!  I have researched crate training but I want to know how you handled the first couple of night with your new puppy!

Thanks in advance!!



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hello there I am so happy for you getting your new baby tomorrow, as far as the crate, i was concerned also, we got Zeus 4 weeks ago and right away he slept in his crate, I put him next to my side of the bed as they do wake up alot at first and yelp to go out and potty, I filled his crate with soft blankets and fuzzy toys to sleep with, he loved it and is very happy in there, he even fluffs hios blankies to his liking lol.  4 weeks later I tell him go in your bed and he does, as long as he can see me he is fine, the first day he cried a little during the day in it then he got used to it and loves it, they say that they feel safe in there ike it is their den, and it is so easy to potty train them also, at first I took him out every hour or 2 during the day to go potty right away and then let him run free to play for a bit, now we are up to every 3 hours or so he goes out. Now he sleeps almost through the night with an occasional 4 am wake up call lol. All in all I found the crate doesn't btiher him at all he is a very happy well adjusted puppy. Good luck to u and your new baby  :)


I introduced the crate to the puppy the first day he came home. I'd leave the door open and put yummy treats in there so he didn't think it was a scary place. You could try putting a kong with some yummy peanut butter inside and closing the door for just a few minutes to get him used to it too.


I crated the first night with both my dogs. With Henry, he cried...a lot. It sucked, lol. Luke adapted to the crate much easier, he maybe fussed around for 5 minutes and then went to sleep. I'd put a shirt you've worn and don't care about in the crate with them, and keep the crate in your bedroom. I do think it's important to crate them at night so they learn to wake you up if they need to go potty. If you keep him in a bathroom he'll probably just go to the corner and potty there instead of alerting you.

So I should just prepare myself for a long night of Jack being in the crate and whining and crying.  How will I know if he's whining because he has to piddle versus whining because he's in a crate?  How long did it take for Henry to adjust to the crate finally?

Hi Karen!

You're getting Blackjack on almost the 1yr anniversary of when I got Bugsy :)


Oh how they cry the 1st night or two. Some pups aren't so bad. I "grew up" raising pups this way over 30yrs ago. You can have the crate in the same room as you, or you can put it in it's permanent place (what I did). Hopefully you got one big enough to fit him full grown. I got a small sleeping pad & put it in the back. Then I put a "potty mat" in the front, incase he needed to go in the middle of the night. I put him to bed with something to snuggle with &/or a toy or chewie. It helps if you have a t-shirt or pillowcase that is not freshly laundered that you can put with him - then he has mommy-smells to comfort him at night.

Usually the "mommy" whines are right away. Potty whines will be later in the night (early in the morning).

Bugsy still sleeps in his crate every day - well that's where he takes his afternoon siesta. He's a spoiled rotten bum who likes to snuggle next to me in the bed.

Thanks, Peggy!

I did get a large crate for when he's full grown and it came with a divider.  I was planning on leaving that one in the living room where he can be during the day if I am running in and out, and then I was going to use his travel crate as his nighttime crate in our bedroom...should I only be using one crate and carting the metal one up and down the stairs everyday?  I figured if we had to run out he would rather be downstairs and able to look out the patio door than in a bedroom looking at nothing.

Two crates are fine IMO. When you first put him in the crate for the night he is probably going to cry for a bit. With Henry he probably cried for at least an hour, for multiple nights (but he still doesn't like being crated as an adult, so he's not really the norm). Luke had no problem with the crate after the first night.

Make sure you take him out to potty right before bed. If he wakes you up in the wee hours of the morning crying he probablyl needs to go out. Make sure you ONLY let him out to potty at this time of night, no playing, no cuddling etc. Potty, then back in the crate. I personally wouldn't put a pee pad in there because I never want my dogs to learn that it's okay to potty in their crate. It sucks getting up in the middle of the night, but if you let them soil their crate repeatedly it's much harder to break that habit later on.

The crate is the best place for your pup.  When mine was little, I put in lots of small stuffed toys and a blanket.  He adapted very quickly and is happy to go in it.  The best think about the crate is that your corgi is safe in there.  Mine can be a devil at times and grabs socks, paper towels, gets in the garbage, etc. and you are protecting him from swallowing things that could be bad for him.  Also, your furniture, clothes, etc. will be safe too.  You can't watch him every second.  I was very lucky when I brought him home.  Only for a few nights did he get me up and only one time a night at that.  Good luck and post photos!


My two have slept in crates from day one.. first one, Carly was from a back yard breeder she didnt know what a crate was but i knew i had to just do it or id be sorry, she was fine after 2nd nite, they are both in my bedrm next to me. Frankie came ready to go.. but he actually whined and panted more than she did,  come to find out he was hot.. poor boy came from the cold snowy ohio to live here in south tx. I had to crank the air down for him  and turn the ceiling fan on high to get him comfortable .. i still put a ice pack in his bed at nite.

Get a stuffed animal and give him a treats say goodnight . If he whimpers take him to potty , put him back in crate.

Mine both love their crates ....in fact a night they run in there to get their treat when its bed time.

 Many congrats on getting a corgi your gonna have so much fun...


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