So, I took Lucky to the vet today (male BHT pem rescue dog) and the vet tech helping me was telling me all about her corgi girl.  Not so bad right?

Then she proceeded to tell me how she really wished that Lucky had papers because they have been looking for a male BHT to breed her female to.  WHAT?!  You have no idea what this dog's history/lines are and you would breed him just because he had papers?!

But wait... it gets worse...

Then she looked me dead straight in the eye and asked...

"So is Lucky a 'welsh' or a 'corgi'?"


I was like "uhhhh, he's a pembroke, not a cardigan, they are both kinds of welsh corgis."

But inside I was really screaming "OMG Where do you live so I can run to your house and steal your dog before you have a chance to breed her!!!"

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AAAAAAUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I think in this situation I would talk to the vet or the manager. This person is giving the vet a really bad name by being so ignorant and so blatantly supporting irresponsible breeding. NOT OK!!! I've started to intervene lately when I see online posts about corgis studs for hire or females looking for a stud. I'm done sitting back and letting all of these idiots get away with it. 

ewww:[ i hate that, and when i see posts on craigslist that say, "im looking for a puppy, i cant pay more than $30 or $40, but your puppy will be well loved."

puppies cant eat or be vaccinated by love, duuuhh.

how sad:[ i hope they dont find anyone to breed her with.

I have PWC classifieds on my computer and look every now and then.  Just saw a person who wants a "free corgi puppy" that must be shipped if it is too far away. 

Come on!  What kind of person would want their dog to go to a person like that?  I'm looking for a puppy later in the year, and my requirement is that they must be close enough so I can drive to pick the puppy up.  And I'm pretty sure paying a little more for a puppy that's close is way less expensive (not to mention safe) than shipping.


Oh, and the people that are looking for unaltered females for the purpose of breeding and post on these sites are as equally frustrating.  (there are many of 'those' ads out there, too, unfortunately)

I... I just... I don't even know what to say about that vet tech.

I've met a few people with Corgis and they look very different from Waffle. I usually make a comment like, "Oh wow, they look so different from Waffle!!" and they always inform me, "His mom was a champion" or "He's from a line of champions", as if Waffle wasn't, and I frown to myself and all I can think is... "Waffle's aunt won the specialty and got a letter from the queen." :|  Not that I think Waffle is superior to every Corgi we meet (because he isn't and I don't care), but whenever I hear someone ignorantly say, "he's from a champion", all I can think of is "You mean he's from a puppy mill or irresponsible BYB?" :| :|  I've never heard someone with a responsibly bred dog tout "champion" lineage.  It means almost nothing besides somewhere in that dog's lines is at least one dog got 15 points, haha.  

This whole post makes me sound like a snob but I'm not, I promise. x:

Thing is, from a reputable breeder, isn't championship of both parents a given? So no need to brag about it?

Exactly my point!  Which I guess I did a poor job at getting across by myself, oops.

Edit: Hit "send" too fast, lol.  When someone is deceived into thinking they have a quality dog because the dog has "champion lines" or whatever, it makes me sad.

Edit2: I can never say what I want to say without sounding like a jerk.

Rachael, I know what you meant!   

Usually, not always.   Jack's sire is an international champion but his dam never finished because she didn't like to show and was unhappy in the ring.  The newer breeders usually start with finished dogs but more experienced breeders don't always (since they can judge conformation themselves and usually know enough people to get second and third opinions).  

But it IS a given that most of their dogs are titled.   They tend to talk more about other things; this line is just a bunch of lovable cuddlers, that line has a lot of drive and is go-go-go, etc.

Sometimes. There is a breeder in Norway among whose titled dogs can trace their lineage to two bitches who were never shown, but had the soundness and build desirable in Cardigans. Sometimes it's just a matter of having the "eye" for it yourself, and not necessarily dragging the dog through shows!

Hehe... I read this post and actually laughed a little. I totally understand your comment - but I've been guilty of pulling the champion card. Not to describe looks, mind you. Actually in our house it's more of a pejorative. When people ask us why Killian is such a snob we answer "because he's from champion lines and thinks he's better than everyone else." :-)

I like to walk Ellie down the "main road" near my house.  It's a nice street in a nice neighborhood, despite the traffic, with lots of trees for her to sniff and gorgeous houses for me to look at.  I have had people pull over their cars and ask if I'll be breeding Ellie.  Because their sister's friend's elderly aunt would just love another puppy after losing her last *insert low energy lapdog breed*.  Or worse, they say that the puppies would be so cute if I bred her with a teacup-sized dog and got a mini-corgi mix.  I always just tell them that she was spayed at 4 1/2 months old, but it still boggles my mind.  To me, it's very rude to just walk up to a stranger (and their completely unknown dog) and say, "Hey, our dogs should have puppies!  Because puppies are cute!  You'd have to take care of them because yours is the female, but it's okay because puppies are so cute!"

I have had a similar situation with someone asking me if my dogs were fixed because he had a corgi and wanted to breed her. (I believe he had a pembroke, and I have cardis).  I am not a fan of the byb's either, and the fact that he didn't know the difference between the two was, of course, a scary thought, as it really doesn't take much more than a quick search on the internet to learn that they are two distinct breeds.  I can only hope he was just making conversation and was not serious.


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