So, I took Lucky to the vet today (male BHT pem rescue dog) and the vet tech helping me was telling me all about her corgi girl.  Not so bad right?

Then she proceeded to tell me how she really wished that Lucky had papers because they have been looking for a male BHT to breed her female to.  WHAT?!  You have no idea what this dog's history/lines are and you would breed him just because he had papers?!

But wait... it gets worse...

Then she looked me dead straight in the eye and asked...

"So is Lucky a 'welsh' or a 'corgi'?"


I was like "uhhhh, he's a pembroke, not a cardigan, they are both kinds of welsh corgis."

But inside I was really screaming "OMG Where do you live so I can run to your house and steal your dog before you have a chance to breed her!!!"

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We had a "jerk" type ask us if our Chepstow had been neutered.  We said yes and then were told that is good, because his tail is to long and that person just hates imperfect dogs being breed.

The funny thing is Chepstow is a natural (born with only a 2" tail)  At least the tail was the only comment.  We had a corgi breeder remark that his legs are to long.

Isn't our boy lucky to be loved by us...........we think he is perfect.

that is just awful!

id be so offended:[

chepstow is adorable <3

his coloring is gorgeous, by the way.

Thanks Kimberly, we all have the best dogs ever. 

Roger is leaving the end of the month for England.  He will be gone for 2 or 3 weeks.  He is already missing the boys, he wants to Skype them.  Tenby likes to watch TV, maybe he will see Dad on the computer.

I've never had anyone ask to breed to one of my dogs (both are fixed).

I do get a lot of comments about how they look.  I've had a fair number of people comment that their coats are longer than other Corgis'  (Maddie does have a "glamour coat" but Jack's is pretty much standard;  it's my experience that a lot of BYB Corgis don't really have an undercoat though.).    I get comments they are thin (Maddie is 28 pounds for goodness sake; Jack is 33!!!   But most Corgis I see are obese).    

I get comments that they are big, which is true.  Maddie is almost 13 inches at the shoulder and Jack is taller than that.  Maddie was finished when we got her but is pretty much top of the standard.   Jack is oversized.   That said, we had a Corgi in agility who was 18 pounds at her adult weight!   And a lot of the pet shop Corgis do seem tiny.  

By far, though, the most-asked question is "Are they brother and sister."   Which they are not.  Maddie is Jack's aunt though. 

I always get "Look at those skinny corgis!" I just smile and say, actually they are very fit. Most corgis you see are actually overweight." Baxter is 13.5 inches at the withers and kind of short bodied, while Ziggy is much shorter than him and long bodied. They are an odd pair but actually true siblings.

I am getting offers from strangers to breed Frosty all the time too.  I just say "sorry, he is fixed" and silently to myself "and thank goodness for that!"

I was more disgusted by the fact that she OWNED a corgi and thought the two breeds were "welsh" and "corgi" lol!!  AND being a vet tech just made it more amazing


I get asked all the time, and to breed mixed breed girls.

I just have decided my standard answer is, "Actually, I don't stand them to the outside public usually. If your dog is a purebred Cardigan Corgi, has all her health clearances, is DM clear, is AKC titled on one end or the other, if you have passed your CGC... give me your number, and we'll start to talk."

Most of the time people just look at me baffled. ;) And thus, they don't ask again. I feel like a jerk, but hey, it stops the conversation. Never had anyone go past that.

So do you have people serious enough to ask you about your requirement?  


I do, actually. I've had total strangers ask about the boys. I had someone seriously ask me in Seattle once. They had a Pembroke girl and wanted to have "merle" Pembrokes, and figured breeding a Cardi to a Pem would do that, because they're "both Corgis." Kind of baffles me, actually.


 (Well, if that's what you mean by the question. The people are serious. Sometimes my comments lead to good conversations, like "What's DM, and why do you test for it?" So that's not a bad thing.)


But the dog show/obedience/herding people that I'm around and show against have the same ones as I do on my dogs. I wouldn't stand my dogs to an outside show breeder either who didn't follow these questions.  Hope that makes sense - and that I answered your question right. :)

Yes you did.  I imagine some people were considering getting into breeding and your requirement would be pretty good education for them.  After you answer their question on the requirement, I imagine they probably think it would be too much work and kill the idea :)

vets are not soposed to ask stuff like that

 she should be fired for asking.

This reminds me of a time I took Kiba into the vet for one of our oh so great monthly visits to see how his Demodex is coming along (now it's visits to see how his thyroid count is looking, as well as the Demodex). Anyway, the vet tech asked me what he was mixed with. The vet was right there and immediately said "No! He is all corgi!" and the tech just said "Oh...I've never seen this color before..."

I've also had someone at a pet supply store ask me if Kiba was fixed because her son had a female corgi and wanted to breed her. I just looked at the lady like she was stupid and said "He is fixed. You can clearly see he has something wrong with his skin and it's because he has really bad Demodex. Even if he wasn't fixed, I wouldn't breed him because I don't want any other puppies to have to go through what he is dealing with now."

I hate people that think "I have a beautiful should make cute puppies!" or "I think my dog will make a great parent so I'm going to breed it!" or even the "I think he/she will be upset if they can't have any offspring." No one actually thinks about the lives they so badly want to create. =(


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