I've seen posts on this before but I wanted to get some feedback from corgi owners that have multiple corgis or dogs in general. My husband and I are thinking about getting another corgi. Our female, Boo, is currently 3 years old and we want to get another dog before she gets much more mature.

Can anyone give me advice on what they did to introduce a puppy to their corgi? Or maybe how it worked out for you? What you would do differently? Anything would help



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Hello Shanna, I am glad to hear that you enjoy the breed enough that you want another. I can tell you that we added two corgi pups back in April 2012 to our home in which we already had 1 male corgi which was 1 1/2 years old and we have two Great Danes 3yr old(male) and 1 1/2yr old(female). the two pups came to use @ 3 mos. old and were accepted instantly without a problem. We thought that our boy corgi that we already had would be a problem but quit the opposite he loved them and still enjoys them to this day. We are a happy dog loving family with dogs that are happy human loving dogs. FYI our two new boys Samson and Roscoe are 10 mos. now and growing. Good Luck and let us know what you decide. GOD BLESS!

Thank you! I'm surprised that I haven't got many responses on this because I have seen plenty of pictures with people on here that have multiple corgis. We just want to make sure it the right decision before adding to the family.

Hi Shanna,

Check the FAQ on this topic, let us know if you have any specific questions.

Thanks Sam!

When I was adding a second dog, I read up on everything that was already out there, then came back with specific questions about certain scenarios.  I got lots of helpful advice and it really helped ease the transition.  

My advice up front would be that you can add a second dog if your current dog is well-socialized, has basic manners, and is under some level of voice control at a distance.  No matter how well two dogs get along, there are bound to be some tempers flaring every now and then.  Every pet in my house stops what they are doing if I loudly say "ENOUGH!" in a commanding voice, and on more than one occasion it has kept a squabble from escalating into a fight.  

Mine get along fine most of the time, but sometimes there are two dogs moving quickly in close quarters and someone gets cranky.  

Good luck, and feel free to ask, ask, ask!

I have two corgis now, both neutered males and they get along great.  However, my first corgi was a female (nicknamed Boo)

and she was pretty aggresive with my male corgi Jake.   I would really advise you against two females as I had my female corgi and a female heeler and it was a disaster.  I have heard the best combos are female/male and then male/male.


Best of luck with what you decide! 

I have several corgis. I have always just brought them home and other than being cautious of a small pup so they don't get stepped on just introduce and all is fine but then. I do monitor closely. I might consider a male if I were you I do believe they are easier. Get help from your breeder and the pup's personality also. If Boo is fine with other dogs I can't see a problem.

Thanks everyone. My husband and I have had endless conversations about adding another corgi to our family and weighed the pros and cons multiple times. We have decided to stay a one dog family at least for now. We were set on getting another female and after the reviews from multiple owners it sounds like that is definitely not a good options so we have opted to just stick with our Boo girl. We would never want to jeopardize her quality of life by doing anything that may not be the best option for her. I appreciate the feedback and love being part of this group.


Thank you!

We have 2 Corgi's!

2 males; from the same litter; so I am not sure the best way to introduce a new dog/puppy to the situation.

I think it would be best to do it before Boo gets older and more set in her ways :)

Ahhhhh, Corgi's! Love 'em

Good luck


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