My almost 2 year old pup Gizmo had a tick on his face last night that my husband tried to pull off with tweezers.  We have no idea how long it had been there, but looked pretty big so I'm guessing more than a day at least.

This morning we checked the area and it's red and puffy, and there's a black dot in the center (I'm guessing it's the tick head?... gross).  Is this normal, or should I be checking with a vet?

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The two methods I've always used have been 1. Grab the tick as close to its head as possible and twist counter-clockwise, or 2.  Pour a little olive oil right where the tick is holding on to the skin (once they stop being able to breathe, they let go and fall off).  Always disinfect the area right after.

I know this doesn't help with the current situation but maybe a good reference for the future :)

My personal suggestion at this point would be to call the vet just in case and see if they can help over the phone!  Good luck!

I would probably check with your vet so if it is the head they can remove it.  I just pulled a tick off my girl on Monday, I hate those darn things.

Went to the vet because searching google was making me terrified.  They had to shave the area and dig out the tick head :'(
Poor little guy.  They said he was brave through it, I'm just glad I didn't have to watch, I could hear him crying from the next room.
He has to go back in a month for a Lyme test. 

i thought i had heard six months to wait to test.  Im not sure now.

That poor thing.  I'm glad you took him before it got worse. 

The first time you have to remove a tick from your self, a loved one, or a poor helpless pet, it feels like an emergency. I don't want to downplay the seriousness of the situation, but it does get easier to accept as the season progresses. After the first few heinous encounters you may find yourself removing them and disposing of them with bare hands.

I have been doing research on the best flea AND tick prevention and Frontline Plus is the only thing that I could find that might work here in the Northeast, that has fewer side effects and it kills both fleas and ticks. I already found one tick this week in my KITCHEN sink. I can only assume it came off my hands during washing after a walk. I miss winter already. Crazy, I Know, but you have to admit, ticks and fleas suck big time.

Just remember you dont want to touch the tick with bare hands :O!!!!  if you do, make sure to wash your hands well.  Also when removing a tick you dont want to squeeze it and release the poison :O


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