My Corgi received a Lyme vaccine and booster,  plus I have used Vectra 3D tic and flea repellent on her (purchased from the vet). 

I walk her in a field (with the grass mown short)  and the past week or so I have found 5 or 6 ticks on her.  Does this mean the repellent is not working?  Thanks. 

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It doesn't sound like the Vectra is working. Since she is so young, her immunity may not be developed fully and I would consider the exposure to the ticks to be very risky for her.  It might be risky for any dog.  If possible, I would try to walk her some where else.

Thanks so much.  I will,  and I might call the vet and see if I can reapply the Vectra.

Frontline plus stopped working here. I am using Activyl this year, and have only found two ticks all season. I don't like how greasy it makes Becca's coat, but it seems to be effective.

Thanks -  maybe I should switch, too.  I didn't expect to keep finding so many ticks on her.

K9 Advantix is good for ticks, at least around here. My dad hunts his dog and he's only ever seen one or two on her. She still got Lyme though

Oh,  that's top bad that she got Lyme.  I hope mine doesn't :(  She got the vaccine and booster,  but I've heard it is not foolproof. 

I used Advantage 1 recently and I found many ticks on Sully. Pissed me off since the price was pretty high. The vet sent something cheaper, Para-star Plus, which seems much better, plus it is waterproof, a huge advantage. We live in tick territory and even people without pets have reported ticks on them from just walking around the neighborhood so I can't take any chances. One of my granddaughters had Lyme Disease twice. The damn things can live beneath the snow so it is almost impossible to avoid. Grrr...


Yes,  maddening.  Dogs, children, adults,  so much Lyme disease now.   Ticks are a real problem. Yes it was 18 degrees here and ticks still out.    Thanks for the Para-Star plus info. 

Some topicals don't kill ticks on contact. The ticks have to be on the dog for a length of time or even bite the dog first. I use the topical,then still run my fingers through her fur when we get home. I find them occasionally. The two I mentioned before were attached ones, dead but attached.

Well, that was what I was hoping, Marcie:  That even though I am finding ticks,  and they have attached,  maybe they are dying (as none had filled with blood).

We live in Colorado, so ticks have never been a problem here, but we're relocating to NC in a few weeks and I'm very concerned.  I got them their first lyme shots here and will get them the booster shot once we're out there.  My aunt mentioned that Revolution works well.  Does anyone have any experience with this?

I am not sure about Revolution.  I wasn't aware that Colorado had no tick problem -  I guess it's an Eastern seaboard thing.  Maybe ask your vet if Revolution is a good one.  I have only used Vectra and am not sure it is working at all :(


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