My puppy, Arby, gets neutered next week and I'm concerned how I'm going to keep him mellowed out for 1 hour much less ten days. How did you work around not being able to play when your corgi got neutered?

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Can't help with how to keep him quiet, mine were all done when I got them as adult rehomings and it's been so long since I had a bouncy puppy to keep quiet I don't remember what I did.  But I suggest you get one of those donuts rather than use those miserable cones of shame.  Much more comfortable for the dog, mine figured out how to use them for pillows when they had to have surgery for other reasons.  Also the dog can eat and drink in comfort with those donuts unlike the plastic cones.  Much easier on your woodwork and your legs too.  I think you can find them at pet stores but Amazon also carries them and possibly cheaper too.  Plus it is something you can keep after if you ever need it down the road.  I got mine for Mark when he had a large cyst removed from his side and used it again when Katie had a cyst removed from her leg.  Still have it for anything else that comes up.

I agree with Linda and don't take it off too soon. Wynn ripped out his stitches and we had to make a late night trip back to the vet to have them redone!!!


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