Well it's summer here in Oklahoma, and I have a Corgi. The temp here gets to around 90-100 degree days and it's miserable even for people. We just bought a new house with a beautiful backyard (almost an acre -- HELLO fetch games!). My question is this: Corgis get so hot so very easily, would the best thing be to shave him this summer? I've heard your Corgi's fur doesn't grow back as beautifully and he'll never look the same but I'm not willing to risk heat stroke, you know? Even our little black pit bull gets very VERY hot outside, and she has extremely short hair. Bear is shedding his winter coat (thank GOD for furminators!!!) as we speak, but even still, it's not enough. I can keep him hosed down but you all know how quickly that evaporates.

For those of you who have shaved your Corgis: were you happy or unhappy with the results? I know I sound vain in even asking, but he's just so purty :D We do all the normal things for summer such as limiting time outside (for him at least) and spraying him with the hose and placing a Corgi accessible kiddie pool outside, all the normal things. My question is solely about giving his cute butt a buzz cut. Would/have you???

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I know what you mean, I've lived in Ardmore, OK and I've experienced those triple digits. The answer is NO, the corgi double coat actually insulates against extreme heat as well as cold, shaving the coat often takes away protection from the sun, takes the natural oils away which sometimes lend to skin irritation. Yes, it does take a loooong time for the coat to be even again, it's a double coat.
Like Sam Says, don't do it!
Not only will it leave the puppy's skin vulnerable, I hear undercoats don't grow back correctly sometimes.
I did an experiment not long ago where I cut a hank of outer hair off Didi's back to see how long it would take to grow back. It took about 3 months for the spot to be less noticable and nearly 6 months because it was completely gone. I think it's because the hair don't grow out, it has to fall out and then grow back.
In 6 months it'll be November and you'll have one cold corgi in Oklahoma.
To keep mine cool I brush them out with the furminator to get some of the undercoat out. I don't know if it helps but it makes them look lighter.
No, I agree with Sam!
Good morning! We live in Enid, Oklahoma......please don't shave him!! Believe it or not, the corgi will be cooler in the heat than the pit bull. Even in 100 degree plus heat Maggie will want to go outside and just lay out on the patio in full sun. We do keep a kiddie pool out under one of the trees in the heat of summer & it's so much fun to watch Maggie running & playing in the back yard with Roscoe & Chelsea & then just run & jump into the kiddie pool to cool off.
Believe me, you will not be doing Bear any favors if you shave him.
If you feel like shaving her will make you feel better, I would only go for the belly. They cool down faster on tiles that way :) The vet I went to shave their golden retriver's belly every summer. The dogs look the same but they seem happier.
I too live in Oklahoma, and while it does get hot here, I have never shaved a double coated breed. The undercoat actually protects from the heat and to shave it off might make them hotter. Also, you would have to be extremely dedicated to applying and reapplying sunscreen every time your dog was outside since their skin is not used to any sun exposure. Here is an article about shaving and here is another from a groomer's site about shaving double coated dogs. I think the best course of action is to use common sense and not leave your dog out too long during the hottest parts of the day, always have cool water available (maybe with some ice cubes mixed in) and keep walks in the morning and late evening.

There's also the fact that dogs just shouldn't be out unsheltered in the summer. And in this summer in particular, with the extreme and dangerous heat, they really shouldn't be out at all unless there's a doggy pool or a cooling mat or something available to them.

It's just so freaking hot!

Definitely no, and this picture by Gromit and Doug makes it clear why.


7/24/2011, 5000'.  It might not look hot with all the snow around, but the snow-reflected sun is brutal on a black-backed tri.  I was dripping sweat.  We were stopping in every shade we could find. The only time I have to wait for these dogs is above timberline in hot sun.

This is the first trial of our new ChillyBuddy(TM) cooling vest, and I believe the thing actually works.  She tolerated it well, and seemed to pant less and walk faster with it on.  Snow helps of course, but we were on dry rocky trail, too.

Sophisticated design.  The outside is space-blanket mylar shreds, woven and breathable.  The inside is cotton mesh, you keep it wet for evaporative cooling (when water is scarce, put it in a plastic bag and add leftover dog drinking water).

I got it from Clean Run.  This is the Medium size.  Gwynnie is 20 lbs, a small corgi.  I might shorten the belly band, but a Small is too small.  There's a slit at the withers for a dorsal leash.

It shields against extraterrestrial brainwave implants, too, especially with a tinfoil helmet.  You have to make that yourself.

Tasha mistook Gwennie's ChillyBuddy cooling vest for a spacesuit.  She says the tinfoil helmet would be the perfect topper! 

Thanks for the cool thoughts photographs - it has been a heat index of 115 here in Virginia with suffocating humidity.  The corgis are all too happy to keep a low profile stretched out on the tile flooring!

All the best,  Nancy


Nope.  No shaving.  Sunburn, heatrash, bugs, bites, etc. 

Shade, cool the belly, lots and lots of clean water and Bear will be fine. 

Recently, our heat index has been 115 with awful humidity.  How I am craving a snowstorm!!



No shaving. Keep plenty of water around. I get the belly shaved when they go to the groomer but that is it.


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