...his stomach is as tight a s a drum. He is a 3 year-old male, but looks pregnant. Labored movements. He looks so pitiful. He can't go up or down stairs. I have to carry him outside to do his business. Daily diarrhea. Still has appetite though (He's on Wellness Adult). The vet told us to get Zantax, and said to bring him in if he doesn't get better over the weekend, but I can't bare watch him suffer. I wish there was something I could do......

Anyone ran into this? 

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Corgi prayers, well wishes and our paws are crossed for you!!

Because his stomach is so delicate right now, I suggest you feed him some lightly heated rice. Maybe at this point his food isn't helping so some soft warm food would be a good choice and should help him digest. We send warm wishes to you and your family that he may get better.

yes...Tod is not eating his reg. food now. I heard with liver problems foods can taste metallic. So he's on warm rice, boiled carrots, soft apples, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese....for now. 

I am wishing for good news for you guys.  Keep us updated!

We are sending our best wishes to Tod and his future health.

Hoping for the best. Please let us know what's happening...



    So so sad... There is something called care credit which you can find on the internet . Also vets usually have the info at their office. Works just like a credit card but you have 6 months to pay before interest. You can get approved right over the phone it is that easy. I hope all goes well for poor Mr. Todd...Keep us posted...



Any news?  Zander and I are sending our best energy your way. 

Best wishes from  me and Scout in figuring out what is wrong.  Hope they find that it's something that can be changed easily.  Get well Tod.

Just heard from Tod's vet and the radiologist. It's not good. What they saw inside did not make sense at all. Tod's not even 4 yet, but his liver is full of knots, as well as spleen and one of his kidneys.....They sent some samples to oncology. Basically, the vet said the situation did not look good. She'd call with the results in a couple of days. I am going to go get our boy now ....

I'm so sorry to hear the news. I'll keep praying for Tod and for you. Give Tod big corgi kisses from Noodles.

(( )) Hugs to you and Tod!!


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