**Tom is back from the vet! He had two drains put in, one for each puncture wound.  In true corgi style he is still smiling! Thank you everyone for the well wishes!!!!**

(Tom asked that I not post a photo of his wounds so as not to reveal any corgi weakness ... he also says you should have seen what that pitbull looked like after the fight haha ... sure, Tom)

So on top of Tom's anxiety of being in a new state/home, today he got attacked by an off-leash pit bull at the park.  Some guy was walking his pit bull off leash at the park and from about 30 feet in front of us the pit bull went from walking to charging straight at Tom.  It was horrifying.  I don't know how long the attack lasted but I was in a complete panic, trying to pull Tom away.  My roommate finally was able to wrench the pit bull off.  

The owner was very apologetic, but little good that did.  We took Tom to the vet immediately and he has two deep puncture wounds, one on his little leg and one on his chest area.  The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and I am taking him in tomorrow morning to have a drain put in the worser of the wounds.

Poor little guy was a champ though ... and when the offending owner came to look at Tom, Tom even kissed him on the face.  Tom is corgi-ing on, just one more story to highlight how ignorant people are that walk their dogs off-leash :(

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So sorry to hear about poor Tom!  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!


thank you so much! :) 

Poor Tom and poor you!  I can imagine how terrifying that had to have been.  I hope you got the guy's name and number, he needs to be responsible for your vet bills.  Good thoughts that he has a quick recovery.  Please keep us posted.

thanks, Linda! I did get his number and we called him tonight to fill him in.  He acted like he would pay so I guess we'll see!! 

Can you report him to whatever group operates the dog park?  This is not agaist pitbulls but any dog that attacks another unprovoked should not be off leash around other dogs.

Agreed and yes! The park definitely has a leash law.  Apparently this guy thought he was going rogue! :(

oh my gosh...im so sorry.....this is every owners worst fear.  Sending lots of healing vibes.... <3

Thank you so much, Natalie!! :)

So glad Tom is okay. I cannot imagine how terrible such an attack would be. Hope the owner of the offending dog will do the right thing. Your quick response probably spared Tom more injuries! Blessings for  a quick  recovery.

Thanks, Anne!! Although we could only see a little bit of blood at the time, after the vet shaved Tom you could see both the deep punctures :(

That is terrible! I had an incident this summer with an off leash German Shepard and have to admit the owner's apologies did not make me feel better either. I would report him and make sure he reimburses you for vet visit. This could be so much worse! I am so glad Tom is OK!

Thanks, Bev!! Tom has also had incidents with two different off leash German Shepards on my mom's street! What is it with these big burly dogs picking on little innocent corgis!? 


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