**Tom is back from the vet! He had two drains put in, one for each puncture wound.  In true corgi style he is still smiling! Thank you everyone for the well wishes!!!!**

(Tom asked that I not post a photo of his wounds so as not to reveal any corgi weakness ... he also says you should have seen what that pitbull looked like after the fight haha ... sure, Tom)

So on top of Tom's anxiety of being in a new state/home, today he got attacked by an off-leash pit bull at the park.  Some guy was walking his pit bull off leash at the park and from about 30 feet in front of us the pit bull went from walking to charging straight at Tom.  It was horrifying.  I don't know how long the attack lasted but I was in a complete panic, trying to pull Tom away.  My roommate finally was able to wrench the pit bull off.  

The owner was very apologetic, but little good that did.  We took Tom to the vet immediately and he has two deep puncture wounds, one on his little leg and one on his chest area.  The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and I am taking him in tomorrow morning to have a drain put in the worser of the wounds.

Poor little guy was a champ though ... and when the offending owner came to look at Tom, Tom even kissed him on the face.  Tom is corgi-ing on, just one more story to highlight how ignorant people are that walk their dogs off-leash :(

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Thank you so much, Nancy! I am so sorry for Bear too :( It was horrifying to see that dog with Tom in his teeth! I can only imagine your horror! I certainly would not expect a labradoodle to behave like that! Just goes to show you never know! Thank you so much for your well wishes!! All the best to you and Bear!! :)

What kind of spray? I don't encounter any dogs where I live, but one is a young, unpredictable pit bull. It is never off leash, but I wouldn't mind being prepared just in case.

How terrifying it has to be to see another dog coming at you like that.  Arnie..my first corgi..got bowled over by my neighbor's rottie.  I didn't witness it, I was inside and Arnie was out front with my husband.  Alexis did want to play but Arnie never saw her coming.  From that day on he was ready to fight any dog he saw and had a particular hatered of rotties.  Not only did we have Alexis across the street but we had 2 directly behind us with only a wire fence between our yards.


I am so glad that Tom is doing good and that Bear has recovered.  SJK..you have had more than enough experiences with charging dogs. People just don't seem to realize that any dog can suddenly charge another for a reason we can't understand.

Thanks, Linda! :) I've had a (friendly) Rottweiler knock ME over, I can only imagine how frightening that would be for a little corgi! 

That is absolutely scary! Is Tommy doing alright? 

Hi Erin, thank you for asking! Yes, Tom is doing just fine now and we have started returning to the park where the incident happened on a regular basis now with no further mishaps!! :)

That is wonderful! I am glad :)

Maybe I'm missong something -- I skimmed this thread quickly -- but is the owner of the miscreant paying for all of this...?

Yes he did! Tom's vet bills were about $400. We have returned to the park many times since but have never seen him there again.


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