Hi all.  I thought trick training might be a fun topic to talk about.  Trick training for Jeli and I has been a great way to establish a really close bond and it engages her little brain in hopes of tiring her out occasionally.  I thought maybe we could share some trick ideas and training tips.  

We've done most of the easy ones and now have started working on harder ones.  She has recently picked up circleing backwards around my legs.  We have one side and are working on the other.  After that we will be doing a backwards weave!  I've never taught that before and was surprised how quickly she picked it up.  I think she actually taught it to me rather than me to her!  She also rolls herself in a blanket, plays basket ball, picks up her toys (without a lid), shuts the door, and so many others.   

One trick I thought would be easy, but has turned out to be really hard for her, is cross your paws.  Have any of you had any success with this trick?  I thought it might be because of the short legs, but there is a youtube video with a corgi that does it.  Does anybody have any tips for this trick?


Another we are having trouble with is hide your nose, or hide your eyes.  Its where they put a paw up on there face.  Your suppose to start with a sticky note on their head and they swipe it off.  This is not working for her.  Any of you had any success with this trick? 


Any other suggestions of fun tricks to teach?  Whats your corgs best trick?   


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I don't have any suggestions (unfortunately ;->), but would love to know how you taught her to roll herself in the blanket...

My dog rolls herself in a blanket out of preference. I didn't teach her, I really think she is just cold. She only does it in the winter. Could it be an instinct? It is cute though. She also pulls her bed close to the heating vent. Such an old lady.

How did you teach her to walk backwards around your legs?  Waffle knows "back" but only takes 4 steps or so.  He heels backwards like a champion, though.  What are your commands for those things?  I am partially limited by my own creativity in coming up with signals/words for each thing I want to teach him! 

@ Diane.  "Cover Up"  started with teaching the parts separately, then putting them all together. 



-Take It or Get It.  We play Take It and Give with toys where we pass them back and forth to each other.  Or,  Get It is mostly for things on the ground.

-Hold It.  First I ask her to Take It, then Hold It.  Which means sit there with it in your mouth and don't spit it out.  LOL.

- Over.  Roll over.

Then I taught her to roll over with a toy in her mouth.

Then it seemed pretty easy to have her Down on a big beach towel, Take It (a corner of the towel), Hold It, then Over

Now all I have to say is Cover Up and she does the whole routine.  Its really a very cute trick. 



Cool... Thanks for the tips.    Down and Over are no problem...  I'll have to think about how best to tackle Take It/Get it/Hold It.  Chewey is not very toy motivated so toys probably wouldn't work that.  He is _very_ food motivated, but the giving it back or holding it could be challenging ;->  

I am teaching Waffle to take/hold for Open obedience.  Get a dog dumbbell (http://www.jjdog.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code... like these) to teach it; something about the shape makes the most stubborn closed-mouthed dogs able to take it.

We got stuck on the "roll up" trick because of his refusal to take and hold objects... it's definitely the hardest part of the whole thing!

Wow! That's impressive.

@ Rachael.  First we started doing 'rear end awareness' excersizes.  This was mostly just having her put her front legs on a book and turning circles in front of me, then beside me.  And we practice this in both directions.  Treat on nose, clicker training and lots of treats to get it started.  After she was pretty good at that, I tried putting her in heal position, asked her to BACK and steared her with my hand with a treat in it.  Lots of treats as she went around.  Now she scoots around in one swoop.  So far she is only good at one side.  We are just starting the other side. 

Ah, we should try the book thing!  We tried doing rear end awareness by teaching him to lift his hind leg and it didn't quite work out. Perhaps the book method will jumpstart all those sorts of tricks.

I watch a lot of youtube videos for tricks and training tips.  I'm really grateful that people take the time to put them up for us all to benefit from.  Here is the one I saw that started our work on rear end awareness:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22dOf88RTiI

There are two corgis out there in youtube land that are our motivation to keep tryng new tricks.  Check out videos of Lance and Winnie.  They are amazing!

Thanks!  We're going circles around the book and heeling clockwise, but counterclockwise seems a bit more difficult. Another session and we'll have it though. :>

We conquered both tricks and wow she's really smart :D for cross your paws, use a target and teach her to touch it with her paw. Once she gets the idea have her touch it with only ONE paw. When she gets this, place the target on the outside of the opposite paw she isn't using to touch the target. She will have to cross her paws in order of to touch the target and when she does this reward :D

For hide, place a piece of tape on her nose instead of a sticky note. I found that Napolean easily shook off the sticky note and made it all wet with saliva haha. If she still doesn't swipe her face try something a little more irritating :P maybe tape a feather to her nose so she'll be forced to do something about it. Once she makes any movement toward her face, reward.

Hope this helped! You can also watch our trick video for more trick ideas :D Feel free to ask questions! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7uU5nHJdUg


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