Update on: Cryptorchid Neuter Experiences? Anyone have one that went 'well'?

 4/7/11: Just wanted to bring closure (hopefully) to this discussion. Dewi was neutered today and he's resting at home. The vet located the undescended testicle easily - yay.  I can tell already that Dewi's in a lot more discomfort than Jon Farleigh was with his routine neuter, but I'm hopeful that he'll spring back quickly, barring any complications. If anything unusual comes up, I'll post back again. 




I know there are threads on this topic already, but I'm really looking for someone(s) who can share their "good" experience with this type of neuter, so I won't have a panic attack in two weeks when Dewi goes in for his cryptorchid surgery.  :(

I know it's invasive and that there will be two incisions, and that it will cost more than a regular neuter. Also know it helps to know there actually IS a retained testicle (vs. the dog being born with only one).  (My vet hasn't been able to feel Dewi's missing anatomy through external exam, so hormone levels will be checked pre-op.)

Has anyone gone through this without a terrible recovery?  Is it truly similar to a spay (recovery time)?  Has anyone ever done it and the vet couldn't find the retained testicle(s) in the dog?   Ugh.

Thanks for anything to ease my mind.

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Franklin was a cryptorchid. The surgery and recovery all depend on where the other testicle is located. When Franklin went under for his surgery, the vet still had no idea where the second testicle was. She was in and out in 10 minutes. Seriously. If it is in the inguinal area, recovery is easy, if they have to actually go into the abdomen, that is more invasive. Franklin's was in the inguinal area (groin area) and the vet was able to find it once he was under by palpating with more force than she could when he was awake. He literally came home and tried chasing the cats and playing with our other dog. NOT ONE BIT of pain or suffering, except from the fact that he couldn't play for 10 days. Most important thing to ensure a smooth recovery is KEEP THE CONE ON!!! Also, keep him quiet. Maybe ask for tramadol or buprenex for pain management because these both act as sedatives as well. I was giving Franklin his pain meds to sedate him rather than for pain. He clearly wasn't in any pain. Of course with Franklin, I sometimes wonder if he can even FEEL pain!! :-)
Waffle was a cryptorchid and was neutered in March of last year when he was 8 months old or something.  He had both testicles-- one had dropped and the other was alongside his penis somewhere.  It's ridiculously common for corgis to be cryptorchid.  All of Waffle's brothers except for one (that's 4 brothers!) were.  They've all been neutered successfully with no complications. I wouldn't worry about this procedure at all except for the extra cost!  Obviously all surgery carries risks, but this is a fairly routine procedure. :D

Henry was a cryptorchid as well. His was way up in his abdomen, and the vet had a hard time finding it I guess (so said the tech that called). He cried the entire afternoon after I picked him up, but was feeling better by the next day. He was only 4 months old when he had his surgery, had I known better at the time I would have waited until he was a bit older. I'm sure Dewi will be fine!


Teddy was a cryptorchid too. I was told he was one at 7 weeks old so getting hin neuterd was important. He was in longer than a normal neuter because his other one located near his tummy. To be honest that one healed up way fatser than the one in the sack. Teddy was sick for a few days after the surgery and cried if he tried to jump on the couch if I wasn't around. But don't worry:) he will be ok

Thanks, everyone.  I feel a little better (it's still gonna be hard for me to leave him).  I just have no experience to fall back on, which encourages fear of the "unknown."  Glad all your little guys made it through the surgery okay. :)

kirby was a cryptorchid. i had him fixed at the spca, and it went flawlessly. he recovered quickly, and was his normal happy self in no time :)

Oliver was cryptorchid...bilateral meaning both were hiding. His surgery went smoothly. There were two smallish incisions (one on either side). He was acting completely like himself the next day (loopy that night and very cute).

He didn't bother his incisions, so there was no need for a cone. Everything healed up nicely. The hardest part was restricting his activity. :)
Good luck to you and Dewi:)


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